Mum's Boyfriend

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Re: Mum's Boyfriend

Postby buzzyy » Wed, 17Mar22 22:11

Pfew, i done it !!!!
Did 'find' the seven bad endings and the three good.
but with the camera in Melanie's room, i hoped on yet another ending [img]images/icones/icon17.gif[/img]
Ooh well, maybe i mist an ending or maybe a wink for an other game in progress [img]images/icones/icon15.gif[/img]

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Re: Mum's Boyfriend

Postby sfvjsn » Thu, 17Aug10 22:46

This is one of great games and I would love to see one of scene with Marlene and Diego. Something like Marlene is preparing some food in the kitchen and Diego comes in to help her. While they are making some food, Marlene is showing her body to Diego and eventually is teaching Diego for sex. When they are fucking, Patrick comes in and join them for threesome. At the end, Melanie and Barbara get into the big orgy.
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Re: Mum's Boyfriend

Postby monday » Tue, 17Oct10 04:38

This was an entertaining game, thanks!
I found the three good endings and 6 bad endings, so it looks like I am missing one bad ending.
Can someone let me know where I've failed to take the wrong action? [img]images/icones/icon10.gif[/img]

Here are the bad endings that I found:
- In the kitchen
- In the shower
- On the couch
- Near the pool, on the chair
- In the water
- Sitting at the table looking at photos
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Re: Mum's Boyfriend

Postby Stella_ » Tue, 18Dec18 09:31

I think there should be a scene of lesbian action between Melanie and her mother.
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