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Pirate Site

Postby PinkVendeta » Fri, 17May12 08:02

Hi All,

I have been watching the animated movies created by Nok' Tus for some time now, as they are frankly top notch animation, they create all of the Stone Sorceress animated movies, and I have been chatting to them on and off for a while.

So, as said, they do animated movies NOT games ever, I came across a site which has stolen all of their work and is advertising it as games for a price, so I mailed Nok' Tus and informed them and their reply was:

Hi Hannah --

Boy... We'll have to check with Dez, but so far as I know that site is NOT anything we've licensed. >:-(

Thanks for pointing it out to us.

Please tell people to steer away from such pirate sites.

Again, thanks.

-- Nok'Tus

The site which You all need to steer off is: https://www.gameoflust2.com/ as anyone paying for it is going to get burned, pass the word around the net folks.

Forewarned is forearmed as they say.
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Re: Pirate Site

Postby fleet » Fri, 17May12 20:05

Thanks for the information.
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