anna scene7718&2702 bald guy help please?

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anna scene7718&2702 bald guy help please?

Postby ffilc » Wed, 13Jan30 09:37

i have been looking for days now going to move on without help as the last 2 parts are done i need to try my hand at free game you have done a couple this is why i joined priv box but the 1st part has stunped me either i don't know how to get help word or not one my problem is she needs to put the bra back on haha thanks fot the great games anyway
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Re: anna scene7718&2702 bald guy help please?

Postby Squeeky » Thu, 13Jan31 02:24

I'm afraid that you'll get little solace here as all of the activity is over at "Nanny's Day".

I suggest you browse that thread, I know that there is something there about Anna and the tailor.
I'm locking this so preserve relevancy.
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