Dexter Dixon Jacuzzi glitch?

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Re: Dexter Dixon Jacuzzi glitch?

Postby imandrool » Sat, 09Nov14 10:38

So i've been lurking for a while, and this old game, Dexter Dixon: in search of the prussian pussy. This game is made for TADS and is essentially an adult interactive fiction text based game. Now i dont know how many sharks play these types of games, but I am stuck even after attempting to follow the walkthrough that is given.

Near the very end, I can't get into the jacuzzi after doing everything; it says that my clothes aren't wash-wear and that i shouldn't wear them in the jacuzzi. But my clothes aren't on. I've tried this many times and played it from start to finish all over again, but i still cant get it right. So i'm asking you guys for help.

that's the link for the walkthrough, the link for the file on that site is broken because Geocities has shut down, you'll have to find it elsewhere, or ... Pussy.html

if you're okay with signing up to do so.

thanks if anyone can help, i know its an old style, but it still captivates the senses. =)
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Re: Dexter Dixon Jacuzzi glitch?

Postby Livevil » Mon, 09Dec07 05:42

i followed the link u provided but when i downloaded it, there was only a readme & a .gam file. how do i play the actual game?
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Re: Dexter Dixon Jacuzzi glitch?

Postby luke » Tue, 09Dec08 12:49

It's like the game 'sexy dream 3' which has a long thread in the 'all sexy games' section : you need a program called 'TADS' to run it. Just google 'tads' and you'll find it
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