DAS part one stuck

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Re: DAS part one stuck

Postby Shravitz » Fri, 10Mar12 20:12

I am stuck at the punishment scene for alacy(for stoping the anal touch) and she always runs away after I slap her too much. I have built up the meter as high as i could and slapped her only because I cannot find any other hotpoints.. she begs the guy to stop... but It still only allows slapping... Am I missing something??
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Re: DAS part one stuck

Postby Freddy » Fri, 10Mar12 20:23

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Re: DAS part one stuck

Postby Sexychild68 » Sat, 10Mar13 01:40

you can find hints to all your questions here http://sharks-lagoon.aceboard.fr/215394-2631-6637-0-DESIRE-SUBMISSION.htm...anytime you are in the basement you have done something wrong...
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