In bed with Alison Help Please

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Re: In bed with Alison Help Please

Postby Ken » Mon, 10Apr26 01:09

Image Got Alison naked on bed massaged her breast with hand , fingered her nipples , fingered her clit like it say's? Can't get bed to shake to where vibrator is revealed behind her pillow . A'm I doing something wrong ? Help Ken [img]kator/smiley19.gif[/img] Doe's her meter have to be all the way up ?
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Re: In bed with Alison Help Please

Postby Arnulf » Mon, 10Apr26 17:02

Ken, have you seen the walkthrough? Have you read the written walkthrough on Horny Gamer's website? I played this game just for fun some time ago and played it as the shortest within 2,5 minutes from the beginning up to the winning end.

(Sorry, I've remembered that the Alison-games not are on the Horny Gamer website!)
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Re: In bed with Alison Help Please

Postby sharkfan » Mon, 10Apr26 18:16

Always a good idea to get the meter as high as possible before moving on to the next place to click. But not always needed.
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Re: In bed with Alison Help Please

Postby Sexychild68 » Tue, 10Apr27 06:07

@ken-where you are at is the hardest part o the is pure took me multiple attempts(and i mean multiple) to get it done...have'll get it...
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