Cassie's Journey

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Re: Cassie's Journey

Postby WTF » Wed, 10Oct06 23:10 ... urney.html
I found it there recently and it's on a few others...for some reason I always get killed by the minotaur...
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Re: Cassie's Journey

Postby Greebo » Thu, 10Oct07 01:25

Tried and died three times - none of them death by minotaur!
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Re: Cassie's Journey

Postby WTF » Tue, 10Oct19 08:31

here's what I got so far...and I'll post the choices and the one to pick.

Click next 2 times
Choice #1:
Run away or
Click next 6 times after the first 2 she gets fucked.
Choice #2:
Stay under tree or

Click next 4 times
Choice #3:
Try to explain or
Click next 5 times the first 2 are her getting fucked.
Choice #4:
or Fight
Click next.
Choice #5:
Strip and Flee or
Click next 2 times...

And then we enter the hallway of doom as I like to call it. If you're lucky you may manage to get outside, but I can't remember the right way...if you go the wrong way Cassy get's raped to death by a minotour and figure out the rest.
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