Anais 2 - help needed!

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Re: Anais 2 - help needed!

Postby SteelyeDan » Tue, 10Nov30 06:14

Playing Anais 2 I have managed to find three spots to stimulate for each of the tools except for her own hand, which only seems to work on two spots. The meter goes almost to the top, but there seems to be one particular action missing. Anyone know which one? These are the spots I have found.
Her own hand: her belly and one of her tits
The tounge: her mouth, one of her tits, one of her thighs
The hand: her shoulder, her thigh, her pussy
The dick: her belly, one of her tits, her mouth
So close, but still not there! All suggestions are appreciated.
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Re: Anais 2 - help needed!

Postby luke » Tue, 10Nov30 16:25

It's very hard to answer your question, because you get different spots, depending on girl's "settings".
But Shark was very considerate with this game : you have to hint a keybord key to get some help
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