The "I'm-stuck-and-need-quick-help" overview

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Re: The "I'm-stuck-and-need-quick-help" overview

Postby allanhurst » Tue, 13Mar26 15:18

Ok I am stuck and getting a big headache on a game and have found no help.

Schoolgirl seduction I have heard there is four 4 endings maybe five 5.

I have only managed to get 2 but mostly all I get is ending one 1.

Is there a real walk through for this game some where? I would love to get to the other endings.

Thank's in advance for any help I may get.
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Re: The "I'm-stuck-and-need-quick-help" overview

Postby spitzertyp » Tue, 13Mar26 18:52

Is this a Sharks-Game?? I don't think so...
Or what game do you talking about? :??:
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Re: The "I'm-stuck-and-need-quick-help" overview

Postby Greebo » Tue, 13Mar26 23:33

I suspect it's one of the hentai games on Horny Gamer. Normally assistance is only given in the lagoon for Shark's lagoon related games I'm afraid, allenhurst. Horny Gamer may be linked to from the site but that doesn't mean all it's games would be reasonable discussion material, particularly when the game revolves around young siblings if I'm not mistaken.
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