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A really perfect wife

PostPosted: Sun, 20Dec27 17:59
by LRM
I don't know whether anyone else has seen this but... there is a new Shark offering in the "priv-box".
On Shark's and my behalf please allow me to wish everyone a happy holiday season.
Feedback is appreciated.

Re: A really perfect wife

PostPosted: Mon, 20Dec28 12:24
by Orijheo
I bought a subscription the day "A really perfect wife" released and was very excited since, in my opinion, "A perfect wife" is one of my favourite shark-games ever.

Unfortunately, I am disappointed by "A really perfect wife". The only positive thing was that the plot did not go the way I thought it would go. It was a nice surprise and something that came out of the blue. (I don't want to spoiler it for you)

The problems I have is that the pacing wasn't that good and the story was a little too unrealistic in my opinion. The sex scenes were just ok in my opinion and the ending came way too abruptly. There wasn't really a conclusion to the story, which I didn't like. Also and this bothers me a lot: no threesomes and no group sex in general. With the story from the first part and the Bonus scene from the first part, I expected more action in that direction.

I would give it a 5.5/10. Far, far away from "jealousy" and "Mum's going out", which were two fantastic games in my opinion. Maybe my expectations were a little too high after those masterpieces.

Please don't take it as an offense, I am just giving my opinion and would like to explain what I thought was good and what I disliked.

Have a wonderful day Y'all and a happy new year.

Re: A really perfect wife

PostPosted: Mon, 20Dec28 14:04
by shark
Thank you for your feedback, Orijheo . FYI, "a really perfect wife" is a project in four chapters = two complete games. The end of this first game is not the end of Eleanor's adventures ...

Re: A really perfect wife

PostPosted: Tue, 20Dec29 14:54
by jancsi
Hi there!

I just could copypaste Orijheo's post.. almost completely agree with him! (with especially the "its not an offense" part)

The game is ok, but not extra.. but sry to say, but moreover its a bit boring... Just like the last few games... They were too soft for me and i dont have the mood to repeat them... and there is even no sence, since no multiple endings... but sometimes in your last few games felt like you start something extra in some scenes (some more extraordinary sex scenes) and then you dont finish them... (my favourite was "the cruise")

Im still an instant privbox member if a new game cames out... but for me, it seems, that you dont have enough time or motivation, because new games coming just top slowly (for me :D)

best regards, and wish you all my best for next year...

Re: A really perfect wife

PostPosted: Wed, 20Dec30 22:44
by Janecki23
I’m afraid I share those views. The first scene was too quick, the second could turn nicely into a threesome. Still, I will be looking forward to the second part!

Re: A really perfect wife

PostPosted: Fri, 21Jan01 00:00
by tallpine62
A good game to say the least, enjoyed playing A Really Perfect Wife, as most will say too short, but we just don't want to see the games end. But with a conclusion this is not the end but another chapter is in the works is fantastic news. ( THE END ) for NOW.:. Something else is in the works for Eleonor! The agency owes her payment for services of Sergio and Lenny, could the agent blackmail her to enjoy her talents! Could the money entice her to go back? Could her next client be a dominating female who introduces Eleonor to the four finger club or even the joys of fisting? Will she be caught on the street by a group of unscrupulous scoundrels who force her to service them? Will Mike find a new job that requires Eleonors talent before Mike gets the new job? Will Eleonor find another agency with better benefits/more money? Multiple endings? We always ENJOY multiple endings. Ah, the agony of waiting! Swim fast Mr. Shark, your fans are depending on you.

Re: A really perfect wife

PostPosted: Wed, 21Jan13 14:13
by anmar
hi shark any bounnes sences for new game thanks [img]images/icones/icon10.gif[/img]