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Re: Break-in

Postby seriousgigi » Fri, 18Jun29 00:23

well still cant find.
if you mean below post of shark i think there is equivoque on it. my english is not well and cant solve these puzzles...
shark wrote:Several different tongue movements are needed... And if you can not do it with tongue, try with tongs...widia.
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Re: Break-in

Postby LRM » Fri, 18Jun29 00:30

I looked... it's there... FIND IT, or don't play the game.
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Re: Break-in

Postby lebarte » Sat, 18Jul14 03:27

fantastic game, really enjoyed the music, would like to know the name of the soundtrack?
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Re: Break-in

Postby shark » Sat, 18Jul14 13:12

I do not know exactly, it's a loop that was created by Jimmy-John but I do not know from what original music.
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