A Perfect Wife

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Re: A Perfect Wife

Postby Malus » Fri, 16Jun17 06:53

I´m stuck quite early in the game, in the gym. she says I´m wet and Steve means his treatment was successful. So she wante to stop the excercise. I cliked the whole screen so far and nothing happens. Is it a bug?
If she wants to quit it would make sense to click the door, the girl or maybe Eleonor to give a comment.


Ok got it :sarcastic:
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Re: A Perfect Wife

Postby tgfrench » Fri, 16Jun24 03:32

Stuck in the same place any help

Circlebox wrote:
Right after she says she wants him to do her like he did her friend, she bends on the table and he is standing up with trousers on.
Where the hell is the hotspot?
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Re: A Perfect Wife

Postby SENBEST » Tue, 16Jul26 07:04

[img]images/icones/icon7.gif[/img] good game!!

Finally, I find all the 3 results.

1.Faithful wife - husband back & Steven leave

2. A wife is inferior to work - husband is not back

3. Happy ending - 3P with husband & lover
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