Frustrated with a Shark Game?

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Frustrated with a Shark Game?

Postby Squeeky » Fri, 12Mar23 11:30

NOTE: Be sure that you are referring to a Shark Game, and then respond in that particular forum.

My growing experience with Shark is,

"I am in a real situation.
What would I do/need immediately that would be naturally expected?
a) That what I next need is visible within a logical place
b) My action needs me to select a beginning location or the target of my intent.

I know the bar length is important sometimes.
Sometimes I need to repeat one or a series of actions.
Sometimes a mouse technique like drag in a direction, or reselect and click is needed.

Then too, have I understood if the personality of the character should be considered in what I attempt (as likely you attempt to remove something and go to a bad end!)"

Oh! How many characters are in the scene? Action regularly alternates so that certain characters are "not left out".
What so many newcomers to Shark's games need to realise is that when a trap is set, and they have taken the "bad" path, they need to reflect which action lead them down that pathway.

This can occur in one of two ways. Firstly one is presented with a scene in which there are two static ‘hotspots’, inevitably we all seem to choose the obvious one (and usually not knowing that we have reached a “fork in the road”). The second occurs much like some of the gameplays, an action is initiated but one has to react quickly to the appearance of ‘timed’ crosshair cursor. The second action declares the path that you take. In both cases the alternative ‘hotspot’ may be very close by or somewhere distant.

In the likelihood that you may suspect a bug realise that these will mostly have been caught before the game appears in the Priv-Box. Also, when numerous persons have claimed to have succeeded on a specific game then the odds of a bug still existing are considerably reduced.

***** And then may I note the Lagoon Forum:F.A.Q's, especially those about attempting to solicit Staff members!!!
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