Next Priv Box release and Bonus Scenes

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Next Priv Box release and Bonus Scenes

Postby Squeeky » Wed, 11Jul13 08:48

The Priv Box is accessible for a short time for subscribers, I think that is understood.
Most of us also understand that a game within the Priv Box is not released until a new one has been developed, tested and added to the Priv Box.

So when is the next one due?
There is a process which means having a decent script and appropriate available resources, some of these may need to be created since not all are readily acquired. Then too, some of those things may need to be modified - scenery, objects... The animations also need to be programmed. I won't continue but the reader should get the point, this is a very time consuming process. One more consideration, Shark has a day time job and he also deserves his family time.


Bonus scenes
are only available to those with current membership of the Priv-Box.
As of this time, these will not be made public even when a game is released from the Priv-Box.
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