Horny Afternoon - Nanny

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Re: Horny Afternoon - Nanny

Postby tacitus » Tue, 07Oct09 23:52

I love this game. Wouldn't it be cool if you could work in the Nanny somehow? I think she's gagging for it!
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Re: Horny Afternoon - Nanny

Postby Garkangel » Wed, 07Oct10 16:45

I agree, she can have a chat with the piano teacher, or teach the girl mora about the life.

When she send to her room, it can be the start of a new game
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Re: Horny Afternoon - Nanny

Postby Bototo » Fri, 07Oct12 00:35

You guys stole my thoughts/post!!!! Man she's hotter than the teen herself... LOL
What about a threesome on the lucky piano teacher?? If she catches them when it's too late to stop them it would make a great extension...

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Re: Horny Afternoon - Nanny

Postby cruiser » Fri, 07Oct12 17:12

Maybe it would be funny to have a threesome.But in the game nanny is the stone you will fall over,and I think its right so.

sorry for my bad english.
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Re: Horny Afternoon - Nanny

Postby DerSkipper » Sat, 07Oct13 22:09

First, the teacher does the girl. In the 2nd part, Nanny sent the girl to bed to do the piano-teacher. This time, they have to make sure not to be caught by the girl, who appears at the end. And in the 3rd part there will be a threesome, which has to be finished before the parents return...... [img]images/icones/icon15.gif[/img]
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Re: Horny Afternoon - Nanny

Postby Alx_xlA » Sun, 07Nov25 13:24

Why would you lose when you get sent to your room? Wouldn't that be a better place to masturbate than a chair in the living room?
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Re: Horny Afternoon - Nanny

Postby rt » Sun, 07Nov25 21:05

maybe the piano teacher has a friend and double teams the nanny, kinky yes, i like kinky, the nanny probably loves kinky!!!
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Re: Horny Afternoon - Nanny

Postby texas.bbt » Tue, 07Nov27 08:35

I too love the Horny Afternoon Game. And all the suggestions here are great, but we need to add more toys into the mix. Perhaps the nanny has a bondage fethish that the girl discovers, and she needs to be restrained and taught a lesson with perhaps a whip and some nipple clamps. I would love this type of interaction. The nany could also have to change into her, mistress clothes. Anyway I love the new games over all the other ones. :clap:
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