We need an stick thread a Game list ?

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We need an stick thread a Game list ?

Postby GDS » Tue, 16Apr12 18:05

There are a lot of good games here some are even on the second page, and there are a lot of requests/non-game threads on the first page.

shouldn't we have a stick linking for all game threads, sorted by theme, engine and content?

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Re: We need an stick thread a Game list ?

Postby Skelaturi » Thu, 16Apr14 00:11

Why it wouldn't work? Simple put, the max amount of topics per page is 50, currently the sexy games forum has 31 pages, assuming they are all games the count would be 1550. That's 1550 games someone needs to link in a topic and categorize and it will take work, cause more games get released.

Conclusion: It's a nice idea, but the work it would take would be wasted. The forum has a search feature and if a game is popular it will exist on the first 2 pages. If it's not, but still is good it won't be forgotten and can even be recommended by players after someone made a question on "the beach" or "Doctor shark consultations". But as that only happens on a rare occasion like currently the request for Lesbian games

Also i counted the non-games and I skipped the French count, but i am assuming they are all games. There are 48/50 which is a topic about a game. And i did count the "Virtual Date Girls" as 1 game, while there are more of them listed inside.
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Re: We need an stick thread a Game list ?

Postby Squeeky » Thu, 16Apr14 08:32

Even if a GamesMaster, for instance, was prepared to monitor and edit such an index it would also not happen under Shark's current thoughts. He is adverse to "Sticky" threads. While placing games in categories, eg, Threesomes, HTML, RAGS, etc, might have value, that would mean Shark having to build sub-forums and that is an idea which he also will not entertain.
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