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"Thank You"-Button

PostPosted: Mon, 15Jun15 22:25
by Köpi
I guess that this was already suggested, but I couldn't find it. I often read posts in this forum, that I really appreciate or just find well thought or inspired, but I'd feel stupid, just to post an extra comment to support the post or to write "great joke" or something like that. In some forums there is a "Thank You"-Button under posts, that you can click and you get listed under that post. Just wanted to say, that I'd like something like this in this forum too.

Best wishes, Köpi.

Re: "Thank You"-Button

PostPosted: Fri, 15Jul03 15:07
by LucaNatoli
Oh yeah, I get what you mean. Like under the post, it says something like, 5 users like this (whether it says the usernames of the people that liked it is another thing.) - kind of thing.
Not too sure if it is possible on this board, but it is something I can bring to the attention of Shark, and see if he would like to implement something like this if it is possible. Might keep the board clutter down a bit for posts just saying "thanks" and all that.

Edited: Your idea has been sent to Shark, We (or I) will let you know the outcome [img]images/icones/icon7.gif[/img]

Re: "Thank You"-Button

PostPosted: Tue, 15Jul07 14:01
by LucaNatoli
Thank you Köpi for the idea, but unfortunately we do not think it is possible to do on this forum [img]images/icones/icon14.gif[/img]