Requesting some account assistance.

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Requesting some account assistance.

Postby Cochise » Thu, 13Oct31 05:25

Hello, some months ago I had to reset my password, and just kept the randomly generated one I received then and got it from my e-mail whenever I needed to log in.

Well, today that email was hacked and I terminated it. I don't remember the password so I can't change my email in my user control panel. Could somebody be so kind as to give me a hand?
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Re: Requesting some account assistance.

Postby Squeeky » Thu, 13Oct31 05:43

I'm afraid that you need Shark's assistance.
He will certainly read this, but I'd suggest a PM to him just in case.
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Re: Requesting some account assistance.

Postby shark » Thu, 13Oct31 09:08

Cochise, please PM me a new email address and I will update vortre account.
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