Alternate payment method to Priv-Box?

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Re: Alternate payment method to Priv-Box?

Postby psycho72 » Tue, 16Jan12 13:46

whats the solution
VISA or AMEX both declined
earlier had issue but accepted
now no way
how to get your games Shark
please advise
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Re: Alternate payment method to Priv-Box?

Postby Virux » Sat, 16Feb06 16:14


I don't know if I'm do the right process when I try to buy the acess to Priv-Box.
I put my e-mail, my credit card number, name and all important information. Then, I click in "Valider" and the page doesn't do anything.
Is normal ou I'm doing something wrong?
I didn't recceive a e-mail either.

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