Shark's games - Analysis and suggestions

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Shark's games - Analysis and suggestions

Postby poisson » Tue, 12May01 19:19

So I've played tons of erotic and hardcore sex games in my life, but what parts drive me wild and what parts bore me? Let me analyze Shark's games and tell you what I've observed so far. Please be patient and read through the entire thing. [img]images/icones/icon13.gif[/img]

A lot of people have criticized Shark's games, by calling it Robot sex. Those people obviously have a single track mind. [img]images/icones/icon5.gif[/img] I mean, sure, the character movements are mechanical, back and forth movements like in a robot but you need to see beyond that.
Has anyone played the "Meet 'n F**K" games? The movements are fluid and feature various locations and costumes, but the bottom line is, If you've played one, you've played 'em all. They all have the same routine: Talk politely, get in bed with the girl or girls, first oral, then you take them from the front, then back and Finish.
Each and every game has the same routine. There's no fantasy. Nothing's left to the imagination.
Since it is a fantasy, the boundaries of real life need to be pushed. And in the right places too, I mean sex under water or sex on a space shuttle is still sex, there's nothing new.

So what got me hooked onto Shark's games? Two words: "Forbidden Fruit".
There has to be a risk, to make it exciting: like Wendy has to watch out for Nanny or Alancy has to watch out for Martin and they still blatantly continue their respective sexual romps. And what about Nanny secretly desiring Wendy.

Shark's games are more situation based rather than action based. They aim at making you blow your load because of the situations the characters are in rather than the different styles of sex they have or the many different dildos they use.
Eg: Ahoroa being manhandled by the tourists , Flor being tricked by the Omoros.

Shark has beautifully portrayed many situations where I'd like to place myself.
1)The one situation that always makes me explode is the dance in Jungle Call 2. Just watching Zenza denude Flor while she dances in front of the entire village drives me crazy. I like to picture myself as Flor in that exact situation (Maybe i'm just a perverted freak but I won't discuss that in this topic ). For the others it may be tiresome to watch her do a shabby robot dance, but with that heavenly music playing in the background, I feel like i'm in paradise.
2)Or even the situation in D&S 3 where Martin puts Alancy on display in front of the whole staff, whom she would usually boss around.
3) And finally the entire D&S series, where Alancy is free from all the cares in the world. She just has to enjoy all the sexual pleasures she gets in various forms.

There has to be certain level of suspense to keep the player hooked till the very end.
Eg: How will Martin punish Alancy next? or, What are these crazy girls ( Wendy and Cloe) going to do next? :crazy:
I like to get caught by Martin just to see what innovative way he has to punish Alancy.

Another important aspect one must consider is whether the games should titillate the player before the action or just rush straight to the action.
Its called a tease and it leaves the player's tongue wagging.
There's a sex-comedy game series called Leisure Suit Larry which is entirely based on teasing the player. There's not a drop of "In Your Face" action. Those games really made my day.

And now this genius called Shark creates a hybrid of both !!! :roi:

I find a general thrill in the clay like character models,and especially the silky sheen of the underwear. (Hey, I'm a freak and I have a lot of fetishes, but I know what I damn well want!) I like the way the panties fold and crumple neatly as Alancy lowers her hand in them and pleasures herself.

OK enough of compliments, I'm sure Shark gets lots of those already. On with the SUGGESTIONS:
1) I'm tired of "the routine" , that is, the sex. Please allot a little time for sex and more for foreplay and teasing.
I thought Secret Fantasy Dreams 1 was so much better than part 2 for the same reason.
I always quit Jungle Call 2 right after the dance for the same reason.
2) Have more places you can continue from, as in D&S 3. I'm tired of playing through Jungle Call 2 all over just to get to the dance.
3) The only parts I don't like are the ones involving male genitalia. But, don't consider that, because female players might enjoy those.
4) A little more work on the expressions would be nice. I like the backwards glance Flor gives Zenza when her grass skirt has been dropped. :sarcastic:
5) I was expecting this particular fetish somewhere in your games:
It has been included in little proportions in A late night at the Office and SFD 1. But i expected it as a [punishment + pleasure] sequence more suitable for
Desire and Submission.
6) I know that there's a mute button but please make sure the music fits the game ambience. The music in Whakawai got on my nerves and I don't like playing without music. It has to be soothing and has to accentuate the ongoing scence like in D&S 3. And whoever composed the ritual dance music in Jungle Call is a genius, i can get a hard-on just by listening to it.

Lastly and most importantly, you need to focus on the way the game makes the player FEEL.
You need to make the player desire the character or desire to BE the character. If the sequence requires you to concentrate on the screen, click the mouse button rapidly etc. the player should be motivated to actually put in the effort. That is, the rewards should be tempting enough. I would rather go through the 2 minute intricate left-right oral sex scene with the two guys in D&S 3 than move my mouse up and down for 15 seconds in a random game just so a guy can release his load in the lady's mouth. The juice must be worth the squeeze

What else can i say, except, Thank You Mr. Shark for your wonderful games. You've definitely given me more through your games than I have got from 45GB worth of naughty videos. Keep up the amazing work !!! [img]images/icones/icon7.gif[/img]
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Re: Shark's games - Analysis and suggestions

Postby shark » Tue, 12May01 21:01

Oh my ! I knew that my games would become subjects of thesis. LOL
Two precise details only:
I decided to make games because I loved the Leisure Suit Larry series but I was always frustrated at the end because I did not see Larry screwing the girls...
The " jungle call" music was made by JimmyJohn who is not only a great artist (Tam and Nat) but also a good musician...
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