Wendy's Horny Afternoon

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Re: Wendy's Horny Afternoon

Postby unsub » Thu, 07Nov01 03:13

Congratulations on creating a well crafted scenario in the horny afternoon game.
I thought it was well paced and did a good job with interaction.

I was wondering if somehow involving the nanny and those heaving breasts of hers in a ménage à trois was possible.

Perhaps a little education from the professor toward Wendy, then some action from a pleasantly surprised, but already skilled, returning nanny on how to improve.
To finish, perhaps a the ability to educate both of the wonderful ladies and acquaint them more intimately with each other.

It would add some length and further interaction to the already great scenario and provide for some extra options as well.

Thanks again for creating a fun game and I look forward to the next one.

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