How about a little more interactive challenge?

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Re: How about a little more interactive challenge?

Postby cgazer69 » Wed, 09Apr29 01:57

I'd love to see a sort of an RPG game in which you control a guy that can have encounters with a number of different women in a number of different environments. (For example, a set of casino-hotel environments - In a back alley between a big garbage can and a fence, in a handicapped-sized bathroom stall, in an elevator, in a cheap hotel room, in more expensive hotel room, and finally in a lavish hotel suite.) At the start and between encounters, you can choose a woman to encounter with next, and depending on the girl, the circumstances under which you come across her, and how far you've gotten so far in the game, you may have some choice about where to encounter with her. But some women are much harder to "beat" than others, and you have to develop your character's "confidence" by succeeding with the "easier" ones first. (If you "lose" an encounter, your confidence goes down a little, depending on how badly you lost it.) As your confidence rating goes up, your ability to turn on the women increases.

In an encounter, the game controls the woman. You're trying to arouse her, get her clothes off, stimulate her and/or have sex with her and make her cum before she can do all those things to you.

There's a pendulum at the top of the game window that swings to one side, then after a while, swings to the other side. When it's pointing to the left, she controls the position and the main activity, and all you can do is make a choice or two (if you do it in time) about how you respond, and when it's pointing to the right, you control the position and the activity, and she can only direct how she responds. The pendulum may linger a bit, on one side or another, depending on how effective that person's efforts are to arouse the other, but it eventually swings no matter how effective they are.

There are three indicator bars on each side, one set for the woman, another for the guy:

Stimulation -

This is raised by stimulating the genitals in some way or another, or through intercourse. It goes down quickly when genitals are not being stimulated, but it doesn't matter if it bottoms out. If it reaches the top, that person climaxes. How intense and how long the climax is (and how many confidence points are gained or lost as a result) depends on how high the arousal level was at the time.

Arousal -

This is raised slowly throughout the encounter, through various moves, and through caressing and kissing and such.

Arousal starts out at a nominal level. If either arousal bar (hers or his) falls to zero, the encounter ends in failure.

If arousal reaches the pulsing red state, and stays there for too long (like 5 to 7 seconds) the person "loses control", removes whatever lowers (pants, briefs, panties, thong, etc) they still have on, shifts to a masturbation position and stimulates themselves to climax. If intercourse is not available, or, if intercourse is available, they shift to an intercourse position (whether it is their turn or not) and go for it. (Either way, super intense and long lasting climaxing is guaranteed. If that's you, you lose the encounter. If it's her, you win.)

Fatigue -

Fatigue rises slowly throughout the encounter. It rises a little more quickly when arousal is going down or staying level, and stops rising or rises more slowly if arousal is rising. Fatigue exerts a downward pressure on arousal; the higher the fatigue level, the harder it is to raise arousal and the faster arousal drops when poor move choices are made. Some really effective moves can decrease fatigue a little bit.

Here's an example of how an encounter might go:

She's a cute hotel worker, dressed in a suit jacket, button down collared shirt with and a tie, a bra, a skirt, some panties, some nylons, and pumps.

He's dressed in button down collared shirt, an undershirt, some slacks, boxer shorts, socks, and shoes.

Her rating is 7.3, his is 5.4, so he is substantially over matched in this encounter..

The encounter begins with the player's turn -

They embrace, and kiss. (Both of their arousal begins to rise, but his rises more.) He runs his fingers through her hair while kissing her. (This has little effect, as it is a little out of order. Should've started that before kissing.) He steps back, untucks and unbuttons his shirt. (Her arousal rises some.) She responds by licking her lips, then biting her lower lip, and removing her tie. (His arousal rises a lot.)

Pendulum swings.

Her turn - They kiss again (more mutual arousal raising), and she raises her leg up his side. (His arousal enters the yellow zone. Now she can remove his outer garments, but doing so will arouse her more than him.) He responds by beginning to kiss her neck. (This arouses her a fair bit.) She responds to that by tilting her head back for him, letting her jacket slide to the floor, and unbuttoning her shirt. (This arouses him a lot.)

Pendulum swings.

His turn - He slowly kisses down her front. (Her arousal enters the yellow zone.) She responds by beginning to rock her pelvis against him while caressing him with the inside of her thigh (which raises his arousal a lot), and by running her fingers through his hair (which has little effect at this point). He removes her shirt, and tries to caress her breasts through her bra. (Her arousal drops a bit, because he tried a heavy a move a little too early for her arousal level.)

Pendulum swings a little prematurely.

Her turn - She has him sit on the edge of the bed and watch her dance and strip. (His arousal jumps.) He responds by removing his shirt, while sitting and watching. (This has little effect on her.) She removes her shoes, and her pants, and continues to dance, seductively. (His arousal enters the red zone.)

The pendulum lingers to the left.

She plays at removing her bra. (His arousal reaches the top and begins to pulse.) She plays at removing her panties.

The pendulum disappears, and he loses control.

The player can do nothing as he watches his avatar jump up, drop his pants and briefs to the floor, drop to his knees, and masturbate all over the floor while she continues to dance sensually for him. The spooging shoots for several feet in front of him, and goes on for quite a while. Lots of confidence points are lost, because she whooped his butt so bad, and he didn't even manage to get her fully undressed.

Now imagine that same encounter, later on, after he's raised his rating up to around 9. He deliberately makes intercourse available, during the encounter, after she's completely naked, by dropping his briefs, and allowing her to give him some head. This arouses him a lot, but she was already in the red, and this pushes her over the edge, and she loses control and jumps him, and practically humps his dick off, climaxing her guts out while doing so.

As with most RPG's, the amount of gain required to reach the "next level" gets larger as you go up the levels. (In this game, you'd start at about 4.0, and be able to win at around 9.3, and gain or lose about 0.1 to 0.5 per encounter.) And, you can't raise your level (your confidence rating) very much by beating women that are substantially below your level, so these super intense endings would be less common during the leveling up process, because more even matched encounters would be more likely to end before anyone's arousal had bumped the top.

Of course the hotness of the babes and the deliciousness and drama of their moves and responses would increase with their level, so, as you progress, there is naturally an increasing progression of rewards for succeeding.

The scenario surrounding this could be.. like.. you've lost your job, but you've inherited $15,000 from a recently deceased uncle, and you've heard about a super model hotel owner in Casino City that routinely gives gifts worth tons of money (hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of dollars) to her flavor-of-the-week lovers. So you head over to try your luck. At first, the hotel owner doesn't even notice you and won't even talk to you. You hear from a local street wise person that exuding sexual confidence is the key to getting her attention, and the only way to increase your sexual confidence is to make women cum. It turns out that there are a number of male hotel owners around who also lavish money on their lovers, so there are plenty of women around who are trying to raise their own confidence by making men cum. None of these people want to hurt anyone or be too obvious about what they're doing, but once they realize you're doing it too, they're more than willing try their wiles on you and let you try yours on them.

Obviously, a game like this would take a lot of work to make. I'm a software engineer, and have written a number of little games over the years. I've done work with DirectX, and recently made a chess game in Silverlight. I would love to make the game I'm describing here, but I would need the help of an 3D modeler / artist, who could come up with all the 3D models, textures, animations, as well as all the icons and such. Ideally, there would also be a person or people creating sounds and hopefully voice overs, as well.

Contact me if you or anyone you know might be interested in working with me on the project. This is a side project for me, so. There's no money involved. I think it will probably have to be a downloadable stand alone game, as opposed to a flash game, but I'm not planning on charging people for it.
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Re: How about a little more interactive challenge?

Postby sharkfan » Wed, 09Apr29 11:28

That is the most thought out, provocative and interesting adult game idea I have ever heard. I love it and I hope it happens for you one day. I would love to play it and I would be willing to pay for a game like that. [img]smile/disturbed.gif[/img] [img]smile/twixy.gif[/img] [img]smile/beer.gif[/img]
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Re: How about a little more interactive challenge?

Postby frozen » Wed, 09Apr29 16:39

Sounds like a pretty good idea!

It's true, such a game is not made in three days, it is a big project resulting in thousands of lines of sourcecode and dozens of megabytes of content.

But the idea is great! I'd love to see this game done!
Although I think it will be hard to balance it out. It is VERY easy to make this game very frustrating. Maybe you should consider some kind of skill level? Or "tricks" that can be made available somehow? Like having the own character masturbate to orgasm short before meeting the girl or something.. ;)

Unfortunately I'm no artist, because I would love to help with this game! So if you ever need someone to help with the developement, testing, translation to german or whatever, please don't hesitate to contact me!
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Re: How about a little more interactive challenge?

Postby shark » Wed, 09Apr29 16:43

It's a great project of sim-game which would require a complete team. I am tempted…
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Re: How about a little more interactive challenge?

Postby Craban » Thu, 09Apr30 01:51

Hehe, sounds like somebody who could work with Panda3d or something similar.
I played around a bit, but as I'm not skilled enough to create 3D models I dropped the idea. ... -games.htm
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Re: How about a little more interactive challenge?

Postby cgazer69 » Sun, 09Jun14 05:41

- The 3D modeling/texturing/animating problem..

I'm not a bad artist (especially when it comes to this particular subject matter, lol). But using 3D modeling tools is something else altogether.

I can produce a decent looking drawing of a luscious-looking woman in a couple of hours. In 3 or 4 hours, I can take a photo of a woman in a swimsuit or a negligee, and use Photo Shop or Paint Shop Pro, and make her naked, and make it look absolutely real. It's startling and scary how real it looks! I mean, if I can do it that well, others certainly can. Imagine some guy, maybe an x-boyfriend or something, taking a picture of your wife or sister or daughter at the beach or a hotel swimming pool, nudifying it and anonymously posting it somewhere. I don't even want to think about it.

Anyway, I think I could probably sculpt clay or soap or soft wood into a pretty nice sculpture of a Playmate, but I tried making a 3D model of one in Blender, and oh man, holy pee. I think it would take me, like, 500 hours or something to come up with a decent one. One that would be inspiring to me. But the time it would take to then come up with decent-looking multi-model animations.. it's just insane.

I tried out DAZD Studio, and Poser and such. Those tools do help a lot. They maybe cut it down from 500 hours to more like 25 or 50 or something. So that's sort of doable; the problem is, they don't let you use the models (or animations of the models) in your own games. You can use the art you produce, and video clips and such, but not the models.

- Custom tools..?

So, I haven't figured out what to do, yet. I'm tempted to work on my own modeling, texturing, and animation tools. It sounds like a freakin' 50,000 hour project, but, with programming efforts, I usually surprise myself.

I wonder if it would be possible to do things with.. mathematical approximations of curved surfaces. Instead of meshes of triangles, use an oct-tree of surface-containing boxes. Each leaf node in the oct-tree describes a box in the 3D space occupied by your model. The boxes containing detailed surfaces would be small, the empty ones, and the ones with less detailed surfaces could be comparatively large. So your model data is, for each box in your oct-tree, the type (if any) of surface in it, and a list of coefficients that describe the surface, the material, it's boundaries, and some boundary conditions. Once a model was produced, and it was determined which coefficients could be made constant and which needed to be left variable, the math for the surfaces could be produced and reduced to a minimal form. Then pixel shaders could be used to render the model, and do things like texturing and lighting.

Well, I suppose if it were a practical idea, it would probably already be being done, there are certainly enough very smart people working on this kind of thing.

- Response to the masturbation comment..

Someone mentioned that the game I described might be difficult to balance; it could be frustrating to a player, and that a cheat of some kind might be a good idea, for example allowing the player to have their avatar masturbate prior to an encounter.

This brought up a some thoughts. First, the game should definitely be challenging. It should definitely take time and patience to master it. But yes, of course it should be balanced, and if a player has already demonstrated a level of mastery, they should have options for speeding things up. Second, I don't really think that the balancing would be too terribly difficult. Yes, it would take quite a bit of play testing and adjusting of various values, but.. I think that would be kind of a fun process, lol. Probably I would want to build in the ability to record a session, and go back to any given point in it and play it from there, after changing some values. (Not in the released version, but in the development version.)

But the possibility of extra-engagement masturbation is a very good point. It brings up another quantity - sexual energy level. Which I had thought of before, but left out just to keep things a little simpler. But since someone brought it up, maybe it should be included.

Maybe there's a way to work it in without it being too terribly complex. Outside of encounters, when reviewing the available potential partners, you can get a sense of each one's confidence level (their rating), and their current level of sexual energy. (And, they can get a sense of yours.)

If someone's sexual energy is high, it is easier to arouse and stimulate them. If it is low, it is harder. If their sexual energy level is higher than yours, then the "confidence points" you get for "defeating" them are fewer. Climaxing reduces sexual energy. Long and intense climaxing depletes it entirely. Time passing outside of encounters increases it, and certain foods and drinks can cause it to rise more quickly. (This brings about the possibility of giving a woman an aphrodisiac.) If your energy level is zero, you can't bring yourself to engage. If it is too low, not very many partners would be interested in engaging, particularly not if they currently have high energy levels.

Masturbation could be made available outside of encounters. It could be put into the game in any number of ways.

One way that comes to mind could be that the player somehow, at some point, discovers a code that allows them to tap into the hotel's security system of hidden cameras from their hotel room TV. You find yourself confronted with various views of women trying on clothes in front of their mirrors, showering, masturbating, and engaging in sexual encounters.

One interesting/fun possibility is.. happening across a scene of a woman masturbating while sitting on the edge of her bed and watching her TV, then discovering that scene on her TV is of you masturbating while watching her on your TV. Maybe she gasps, jumps up, grabs a towel, holds it over herself, and looks up at camera at you. Then maybe she smiles, flips her hair, then gives you a sultry stare, dips the top of the towel down to show a little cleavage, sways her hips around it's edges, licks her lips, and sticks her hand out and curls her finger at you - "Come hither." This could lead to an encounter, and the encounter almost immediately involving your member plunging into her while she screams and gushes gizm around you, and you yelling and squirting goo into her.

Which brings up a point about mutual climax. During intercourse, the process of losing control and climaxing is very arousing to the other party, so, if the "match" has been fairly close up to that point, this may actually cause the other party to lose control and climax as well. I think if that happens, the intercourse continues until both partners are spent, and the the player gets bonus points for mutual climax.

I imagine an interface that would show you a list of hotel room numbers that have activity of some sort going on in them. Select a room number, and be shown a view of the main room of that hotel room. Hit the back button to go back to the list of numbers, and hit back again to turn off the TV / stop looking at the security system. When viewing a room, use a selector to change the camera within hotel room; several might be on the walls or different parts of the ceiling of the main room, several more might be on the walls or different parts of the ceiling of the bathroom and such. Use the mouse and the mouse wheel (or shift and left-click and pull up or down) to direct the camera to pan around and zoom in or out. Your sexual energy level is shown horizontally across the top on the right. Your arousal and stimulation bars are shown vertically on the right. Buttons are there to start, pause, and resume masturbation. When you switch rooms or cameras, the view you find yourself confronted with may cause your arousal bar to start going up or down. If the positive effect on your arousal is too high, you will be unable to change the scene or the angle (or turn the tv off) for a few seconds. Each second your arousal bar stays in the red, there is a chance the scene will spontaneously switch back to a really arousing view that you've already come across. If your bar reaches the top, the view of the tv screen will zoom out and show you masturbating on your knees in front of the TV; you will masturbate, have a long and intense climax, fall forward and roll over, and your sexual energy will be completely depleted.
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Re: How about a little more interactive challenge?

Postby qbv8 » Sun, 09Jun14 08:11

Hi cgazer69
Regarding DAZ-3D and Poser you write
the problem is, they don't let you use the models (or animations of the models) in your own games. You can use the art you produce, and video clips and such, but not the models.
Are you really sure about that? Do you have a reference to the license text that forbids you using these? The author of ArianeB says that he has used the Victoria 3 model for the figure of Ariane, and on DAZ-3D and on Renderosity they offer a huge bunch of components for DAZ, Poser, Bryce & friends. What good would it be to offer these, and in the same time to forbid using the work that you have done in creating your own scenes (by using and modifying what you have legally bought) for publication purpose, be it commercial or free? So I do not really understand the statement "You can use the art but not the models".

If this is true than in consequence it would mean that you have to build your (human) models from scratch with e.g. 3ds max to be allowed to use them. Strange thing.
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Re: How about a little more interactive challenge?

Postby digits » Sun, 09Jun14 16:14

So, I haven't figured out what to do, yet. I'm tempted to work on my own modeling, texturing, and animation tools. It sounds like a freakin' 50,000 hour project, but, with programming efforts, I usually surprise myself.

That's very brave, but you're not out of the woods yet. [img]images/icones/icon17.gif[/img]
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