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Re: Shark's - Replies and Ideas for improved involvement of ALL

Postby GG » Mon, 09Jun15 15:38

Hi All,

It looks to my that the Forum is in some kind of "Identity Crises" To explain let's use the example of the thread on Virtual Dating ArianeB. A mix of 26 pages/506 posts of Q&(dumb/smart)A's,links, technical browser & programming isues, game development, walktroughs and (for me the best part) kind of chat board on how to seduce the Mermaids. To make it more fun in three different languages (I can add the fourth: Dutch. Same goes for Virtual Dating Girls.

Now if you look at the stats (provided by Digits)most are just visitors, who, if they really are stuck will be become Newby's, like me. They will find it hard to solve their own problem: "Help, I'm stuck in xxx" by reading all the (non) relative topics.

What I would like to propose is to have a top/main forum page above the forum index where the spilt can be made to the lagoon (as it is) and to an aquarium where newby's/visitors can ask for help on any of the games. This part will be time restricted (or topics stay only on the board for 48hrs/....hrs.

Any way, don't stop the "Seduce the Mermaids" chatting!
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