The Thank You Thread

You want to speak about the site or downright to participate in its realization? All the ideas and the notices are welcome …

Re: The Thank You Thread

Postby Seztworks » Sun, 15Dec06 22:57

Will join the throng of gamers being thankful for your productions. Always sexy and entertaining. I have been stalking this forum for a long time.
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Re: The Thank You Thread

Postby joviale99 » Thu, 16Jan14 15:01

arno52 wrote:I really appreciate the work you all do to make this site so good. I very much enjoyed my month in the Priv Box and I am happy to know that the money I spent may in some small way help to bring about new adventures for all our favorite characters.

you are doing a good job!
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Re: The Thank You Thread

Postby tallpine62 » Sun, 16Apr24 00:41

One should never pass up the opportunity to thank Mr. Shark and his devoted team for the wonderful games found in the Lagoon. All the games are very good and a great deal of fun to play, the best being Windy and her group but Castle Whispers will always be my second favorite. THANKS!!!
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Re: The Thank You Thread

Postby meggymiccy » Tue, 16Jun14 22:36

Thank you for this place to create, talk, and - how I got here initially - how to avoid pulling your hair out in frustration as you try to conquer some of the games you find on the internet.

And the more you look around here, the richer the experience is, the more you find. So much more than simple walk-throughs, but a community and inspiration.

Thanks to all who contribute. I hope to add soon, too.
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Re: The Thank You Thread

Postby LJames713 » Thu, 16Jul21 07:47

I'd like to thank you, for the availability and power of such an extensive and knowledgeable group of people, as well as for this site's intriguing bevy of product and gaming possibilities.

So, again...Thank you again!
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Re: The Thank You Thread

Postby virtualdategaming » Sat, 17Feb18 00:05

Thx so much :D
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