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Re: "Milly" by rkshooter

PostPosted: Sun, 15Feb01 03:15
by Rambo304
Milly was a wonderful game....Seriously enjoyed it from First to Final episode.... I spent several hours yesterday to play Milly from Ep 1 to Ep 40....It was amazing...:)

Only one issue...Couldn't download the File...Rapidshare links are dead....:(

Since the Episode is Over...could someone compile a ZIP with EP1 to EP40 in one file and make it available for download... [img]images/icones/icon12.gif[/img] [img]images/icones/icon12.gif[/img]

Keep up your great work RKShooter.....Your artwork was good...story had nice twist and turns...the best part is adventurous and horny... :crazy: :crazy:

Re: "Milly" by rkshooter

PostPosted: Mon, 15Feb02 08:04
by Squeeky
Shark has informed me that, while he does not know why, Rapidshare has deleted the Milly files.
At this point he needs to find a new host.
Please bear with us.

Re: "Milly" by rkshooter

PostPosted: Tue, 15Feb03 01:02
by Rambo304
Squeeky wrote:Shark has informed me that, while he does not know why, Rapidshare has deleted the Milly files.
At this point he needs to find a new host.
Please bear with us. problem, Shark can take his time...:) :) It would be great to see all the files in a single folder, if some of the episodes were short...

Milly had one of the most creative twist ever...nicely made... Art was great, story was damn good, characters were well made... RKShooter is the Boss of Erotic Story Telling..:) :)

I would love to see something similar to Milly (with different hot Story and more characters..:) ) ... 40 Episode Series is too good...felt like watching a TV Series...every episode was engaging..:) Would love to see 40 episodes with Wendy, Nanny and Team...but i know it's impossible, as it's very tough to make it...

Kudos to Shark and Team..:) Thanks Squeeky for prompt reply..:)

Re: "Milly" by rkshooter

PostPosted: Sat, 16Aug20 13:07

I was making cleanups on my harddrive and bumped into some old files, among them, the Milly story. Decided to tidy the mess up, so I gathered the data and found out that I've got some parts missing. So - went to Shark's website and found out the same thing that you know: that the download links for the episodes don't work anymore. Not because Rapidshare deleted them - rather because Rapidshare doesn't exist anymore.. : P
So, I decided to take matters in my hands and here I am : )

Frankly I don't know if somebody uploaded it earlier or not, but I know that on the main site the links are still pointing to RapidShare.

I must say that, even knowing some time passed, the quality of the graphics is still good, there are some fun ideas in the story and overall some mistakes don't overshadow the good things ; ) Since this is a quite a community (it turned out), why not give something back. Especially since this is a good and long (more than 3000 pictures!) contribution!

I know that RKShooter has(had?) the original files (and in probably better quality), but I'm doing with what I have. Turned out I had first 20 episodes dl'ed from RShare a long time ago, and then of the next 20 I've missed a couple of (about 9 or so). The rest of the files were a sitting duck on Shark's website ; only problem was to get them ALL - and in logical time. Thankfully, using two sensible pieces of software I managed to download and reorganize the story once again.

So this time - you've got the whole story in one file. Since less and less people use dial-up modems and in general the space and bandwidth is much cheaper, I decided to merge it.
I also uploaded individual parts and will write Mr. Shark ; ) about it.

There are some optimizations here and there:
First of all, since all of the files (more than 3k of them) are in the same directory/folder and no .html structure is used this time, the beginnings of the parts are marked in the filenames (that have individual titles) to find them easily.
Since there has been numerous spelling/logical/etc. errors in the names of the parts, I corrected them.
I inserted spaces (as .png files with a matching colour) to give the story a sort-of book rhythm.
There were some minor errors in the story that got corrected. For example, one picture in part 34 had a total logical error (in my old files) and in part 13, one of the very few pictures (2nd one) has light already turned off on the website version. In my old files light was on on that picture, so I used the old version.
Some files on the website had worse quality than in the ones I had on HDD, so I kept the old ones.
Last but not least, there are some small bonuses at the end ; Christmas greetings ; ) and a bonus story that was called Milly winks, that I renamed to Road Ticket.
Of course, there are logos of Shark's website at the start and the end of the story.

The original quality of the graphics could be a major improvement. Think .jpgs with smaller compression (original zips little of them) or possibly, .png (or packed .bmp/.tiff/.whatever ; )
Alas, you need to smile to RKShooter for that to happen : )

Given the opportunity, I'd like to thank Shark for creating this site, quite a nice place for young men ; )

And at the same time, thanks go to RKShooter for creating such a long and good story : )

Hopefully somebody will be at least a little happy because of this upload : )

Best wishes! : )

Oh yeah, almost forgot, the download link ; )

link removed pending rkshooter's approval. LRM

Have fun :D

Re: "Milly" by rkshooter

PostPosted: Sat, 16Aug20 13:12
And oh, Mr. Shark, it case you see it first (cos I'll get to writing the e-mail in some time) - here is the folder with the segmented parts (from 1 to 40 + one 'bonus' (road ticket) part):

link removed pending rkshooter's approval. LRM

If you want to change the links on the main site (ie link removed pending rkshooter's approval. LRM ) you can link it freely to those files. Or download and put in your Mediafire, whatever you decide.

And if you need me to generate individual links, just let me know here or by PM.
In any case, thanks : )

Re: "Milly" by rkshooter

PostPosted: Sat, 16Aug20 18:46
by LRM
Did you contact rkshooter before you did this? These are after all his creations/property.
If not Please do... if he declines please remove all links.

Re: "Milly" by rkshooter

PostPosted: Sat, 16Aug20 23:05
by Trucla
Edit: removed text as it doesn't make sense anymore.

Re: "Milly" by rkshooter

PostPosted: Sun, 16Aug21 03:05
LRM: No, frankly I didn't and I don't have any contact to him, probably forum PM would be some way.. I don't know if he's online or not tho.
I am aware it's his creation and that it's not public property, as a matter of fact I'm not sure what is the status of rights that he would like to apply to that, but of of course you have a point here. Even if the files are hanging on the main site..

On a side note, I found it funny you censored the link to Milly story on Shark's page : )

One thing tho. Since Shark and RKShooter obviously are OK with each other, Shark could PROBABLY grab my links and either put them on the Milly page or download them and put whatever he wants. I think he even should have the old files somewhere around (as some of guys should, too) (not to mention FTP access to the server with the files on the main site ; ). He has mod access to the forum so he'll see the links anyway. Just sayin'.

Re: "Milly" by rkshooter

PostPosted: Sun, 16Aug21 04:04
by rkshooter
We can discuss this if you like. drop me a message,

Re: "Milly" by rkshooter

PostPosted: Sun, 16Aug21 14:00
Sure man, dropped

Re: "Milly" by rkshooter

PostPosted: Wed, 16Sep21 17:31
Well OK Mr. rkshooter, since I PM'd you two times a long time ago and nothing happened, I presume you're not in the mood to talk, too busy or something else, tho I know you're still logging. So I guess I'll just keep this few hours of work of mine and this handy compilation for myself ; if anyone wanted it - sorry.

You can always try to do it yourself, the original is still on (if the mod wants to censor the link to original Shark's site, please do - I'll be just laughing again) - and oh, good luck getting tired with that without proper tools (and even with that it's a few hours non-stop) ; BTW, some higher quality graphics that were in the original .zips aren't uploaded to the site.

Should've asked before I tried to help anyone, guess it's not needed, oh well ; )

Nevertheless, great story!

Re: "Milly" by rkshooter

PostPosted: Thu, 16Sep29 00:58
by rkshooter
Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, Working over 12 hours a day right now. But you have my blessing to post the Milly links. Just PM the link to all of them to me.


Also wondering if you render any of your own stuff?

Re: "Milly" by rkshooter

PostPosted: Wed, 16Oct26 17:59
by krzysiek88
I really missing the good old story of Milly (episode 1-30) absolutely love it. Game based on that story would by grate [img]images/icones/icon13.gif[/img] [img]images/icones/icon7.gif[/img]