Happy New Year 2019 Everyone

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Re: Happy New Year 2019 Everyone

Postby PinkVendeta » Thu, 19Jun20 23:48

Atepomarus wrote:Gee! It is funny how wishing someone a Happy New Year can turn turn into a leftist rant. Hannah is right.No one wished ANYONE a Happy New Year back, they just want to spout political shit. Leave politics out of conversations and you will be surprised on how much other topics are out there. I have not been onto this part of Forums lately, but, all you leftist have drank of the koolaid of propoganda and wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up your liberal backsides.

I hope that Hannah and all others [img]smile/eek.gif[/img] have had a good year so far.

I had a good new year thanks for asking and also the new actual year 2019 has been good so far, I hope You also had a good year and I hope 2019 is good for You also and for others.
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