Drunk-ish ramblings

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Drunk-ish ramblings

Postby iksanabot » Thu, 17Sep28 07:03

So anyway, I'm having some Irish whiskey and deflating.

I guess I do want to tell you about the LWT2 expansion. Leo has the script and has assigned artists to the locations and scene images. I haven't actually completed the whole script - there are 6 new endings and 3 final-night sex scenes i still have to write, but I sent Leo a huge script. I don't want to make any bold declarations right now, because I'm not going to fact-check myself, but I think the expansion script is the largest script I've ever written. There are so many new scenes. Let me get organized here to tell you about it. But also, please realize that no scene is set in stone - Leo has the final word on which scenes are worth keeping and which are not worth putting into the game. So some of what I'm telling you may never see the light of day.
At this moment in time, in this state of mind, I think the main criticisms of LWT2 were the following:

1) there was not enough character development
2) it did not feel very big
3) There was not enough build up (slow burn)
4) it was kind of mean

Ok, so I tried to address these criticisms with the expansion. I'd say the one I did best at addressing is number 1. There is a shitload of character development in the expansion. The way that the expansion works is that there are some new days, and on those days instead of going out to do some big event like horseback riding in the alps, you hang around the mansion and have opportunities to engage in conversation with different characters, or pairs of characters. This has the new effect of building RELATION with characters, which affects what scenes you can get, but also, and maybe more importantly for some of you, it gives you reasons for the way everyone acts. So, why do Justin and Richard fight all the time? Why is Lisa so much more sexually aggressive this year compared to the first game? These kinds of questions are answered with dialogue in the LWT2 expansion.

To address point 2, I added new days. AS I already said, these days are not days that involve major events, rather, they are days in which you can explore the mansion and have conversations. I have to warn you: it still won't feel as big as LWT1, because LWT1 was a stat grinder that makes the game feel big by making you repeat certain actions over and over. LWT2 expansion tried to be something different. You could consider the conversations stat grinding (the RELATION stat) except that at least you get content for that kind of grinding. That is, sometimes when you talk to Richard, you will just get Richard RELATION +1, and a narrator line like "you and Richard feel closer to each other." But for most conversations, you get content. You learn about the characters, get flashback sex scenes, or unlock current sex scenes. Again, there is a ton of new content to see in this aspect of the expansion.

Point 3 was tough. The game was never conceived of as something that could produce the slow burn again. People were asking for more scenes, that's all. So I made a sequel with a ton of hot scenes, but then the complaint came: it didn't build up slowly like in LWT1. Well, with Lisa and Tracy that is pretty hard to do when the story left off with you fucking Lisa in the bathroom while Tracy was in the next room, or going to the swingers club with Tracy. So I tried to add some build up in this one. A good example is Lisa's story. In this one, when you get a chance to talk alone with Lisa, she tells you about the past year, and in particular, about how her affair with you (Justin) fucked her up. She tells you a (sort of) depraved story of her affair with two co-workers, and it unfolds over several conversations, with each rendition getting more raunchy. I tried to include a few examples of stuff like that, and I hope it contributes to the slow burn for those that want it.

Finally, point 4. I think this is the point that I really logged in to talk about. why is it mean? It is, I admit it. I did make the expansion a little less mean. For example, you have to spend a certain amount of time with Charlie and with Tracy, or you get an ending like "bad father" or "bad husband". But even so, it's still got a lot of nasty in it. And I don't really know why. When I wrote LWT2 original I feel like I was a happy-go-lucky guy, and I'm not sure why LWT2 contained those undertones of mean-ness. I wrote LWT2 original when I was happy and not stressed (too much).

LWT2 is a little mean, and the LWT2 expansion is a little mean as well. There is BDSM. There is humiliation. There is more cuckold, and you can cuckold Tracy in this one. It's definitely mean, but I want to tell you: I'm not really that mean. I guess I just think that mean, when it comes to sex, is kind of interesting... I don't think I'm finished writing about this, but for now I will bow out. With one final plea to your opinion of my mean-ness: I swear to you, If I had a choice between getting a BJ from a girl who loved watching me enjoy her suck me, or a girl who loved getting throat-fucked until she gagged, I would prefer the former. In any case, there are some of both in the LWT2 expansion.

Kisses to you all, especially Tlaero :)
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Re: Drunk-ish ramblings

Postby Crane » Thu, 17Sep28 18:07

Hell i was waiting for this.

And i was right, it is some exciting news.
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Re: Drunk-ish ramblings

Postby heartsalive321 » Fri, 17Sep29 00:03

Agree with you on point 4. It just seemed like a logical progression from the first game to me.
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