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3DSexVilla and Klub17

PostPosted: Wed, 17Apr19 05:30
by Dragonmaestro

First of all, I'm not sure if I posted this in the right section... If not, please forgive me. And mods, feel free to move this topic to the right section...

Well, to make things simple, let's just say that 3DSexVilla is acting up again... making me unable to even launch the game. As most of you know, I'm using this software to make the artworks for my games. Now, I'm growing increasingly tired of 3DSexVilla's unstability and started considering using Klub17 instead... as I heard Klub17 worked about the same way as 3DSexVilla... and (unlike 3DSexVilla) is 100% free.

My only question, though, is... Are 3DSexVilla's models compatible with Klub17 ? Because I created a lot (and I do mean a LOT) of models for my games, and re-making them all from scratch using Klub17 would be a complete nightmare to me... I would be demoralized, to say the least. I think I would even quit making games altogether... But anyway, I think I'm drifting off...

So, does any of you guys (and gals) know if models are compatible ?

Re: 3DSexVilla and Klub17

PostPosted: Wed, 17Apr19 06:30
by ttant
K17 is just the hacked version of the other... it's free, but not legal.

Anyway, to answer your question, i don't think there is incompatibility between them, as theyr are the same thing (except k17 update are way behind, due to the crack issue.

Re: 3DSexVilla and Klub17

PostPosted: Sat, 17Apr22 17:00
by Dragonmaestro
Thanks for the info...

I finally decided to take the risk and install Klub17. It turns out that models are about 80% compatible...

The only part that isn't "recognized" by Klub17 is the model's body stats. So I'll have some minor tweaking to do. (Eye color, eye brows color and shape, breast size, etc...)

But other than that, I'm pretty happy with that new "not-so-legal" version. I've only had it for several days, but I can already see that it is more stable than the original...