EPOCH.COM - A word of caution

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EPOCH.COM - A word of caution

Postby kessie8dn » Thu, 17Feb16 18:05

A couple of months ago I signed up for what I thought was a one-off monthly membership to vdg-offline. On discovering it was recurring I cancelled it with vdg (who were very polite and quick to respond) and assumed that was the end of the matter.
This month EPOCH have taken another payment.
I've just had to go to the EPOCH website using my email address and credit card number to identify and cancel the transaction.
I'm pretty sure I mentioned in a post on one of Shark's boards at the time that I thought the change to a recurring membership smelt of sharp practice - however from what I can make out vdg-offline haven't benefitted from the erroneous payment - it seems EPOCH never even passed it on to him because my login to vdg-offline no longer works.
I don't intend this to be a rant or a discussion - Just a request that site owners think carefully before using this "ongoing membership" payment method and a reminder for the rest of you guys keep your eyes on your card statements.
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Re: EPOCH.COM - A word of caution

Postby LucaNatoli » Mon, 17Mar20 05:22

That company (EPOCH) is rubbish! They scam you out of money, I too learnt that that hard way.

If you don't cancel through their own system, they will keep taking your money and holding it for themselves! No they don't pass it on. Because VDG requested a cancel (most likely) that EPOCH decided to keep the funds. I know your post is old(ish) but talking to your bank, you can get the money bank (90% of the time (Well here you can)).
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