Real-life encounter with unconventional people

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Real-life encounter with unconventional people

Postby Greyelf » Sun, 16Dec25 22:53

note: I apologise if the title offends anyone but it took me a while (and some thought) to come up with one that was semi neutral in expression.

Recently in the Shark's game > next game thread the topic of different biological and sexual types was raised and @Skelaturi was kind enough to tell us a story about one such encounter they had. I decided to relate a story of my own and so not to take the other thread (further) off-topic I created this one.

In the distant past (when tablets were made of stone) I worked as a freelance roadie for a company that hired out concert sound equipment to bands. I was hired to work with a band playing at a venue commonly known to be frequented by gay and transgender people and a couple of male friends of mine invited them selves along for the night which was not an uncommon situation as people like to see bands for free.

While I worked one of my friends chatted up an attractive young woman and soon they were sitting talking and kissing under a small tree, this went on for a quite while when suddenly my friend stood up with a shocked look on his face and yells what sounded like "Its a MAN" then exited the venue quickly followed my other friends. I went outside to find what was wrong, learnt that my friend had gone for a quick grope in her groin area and had found something extra. My friend refused to return to apologise to her and left along with my other friends, I returned back to work and decided to apologise to the young lady on his behalf once I had a free moment and could find her. We got taking about the situation and I learnt that she does not normally get intimate with someone that quickly and that she would normally have a 'talk' to them about herself but the chemistry between them was so strong that she got carried way.

Me and the young lady became friends and some time (months) later she revealed to me that she was not a breast enhanced transgender biological male as I has assumed but a Hermaphrodite. Over time we had many talks about the issues she had with relationships and being accepted by others due to the way society thought, which luckily has become generally more inclusive over time.
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