Game Devs: Videos of people playing your games. Thoughts?

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Re: Game Devs: Videos of people playing your games. Thoughts

Postby Greyelf » Mon, 16Nov21 21:27

_Inerfa wrote:watching people play them is in the least a great learning experience (users always do EXACTLY that one thing that you didn't expect them to)!

I once worked for a company that had a special unit of people that tested all in-house built applications (and updates) before it was released to the rest of the company, the unit deliberately had a couple of people that were very good at doing the things that cause developers to ask "why would you ever do that or hit that key combination".

If the application release contained enough changes they also required a representative from the related development team to watch as the unit tested it, and I always found that a great learning experience as a developer.
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