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Calendar - events and myths

PostPosted: Sat, 15Mar21 08:43
by Squeeky
Specifically, and only at this moment, I'm looking at the Equinox. Yes, I know that there are two.

As a child I recall reading a story about a clergyman confronting a griffin. The griffin only ate twice a year, at the equinox, and then it captured a boy!
This specific griffin admitted that to "save face" he'd capture a child (don't recall what happened thereafter) but would endure having to eat seaweed, or something herbaceous. Story source? I have no idea but the illustrations were almost certainly copied from the late C.19.

Do any of our members know of tales of such a nature? Don't necessarily limit them to the Equinox. (Certainly many can relate to Arabian Nights, Sinbad and the Roc, but that is NOT calendar related). Maybe our artists have something to entertain us?