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[Unreal Engine][Patreon] FeyFantasy

PostPosted: Sat, 20Sep12 13:40

We are currently developing Fey Fantasy, a turn-based JRPG adventure of an adult nature that takes place in a fantasy and science fiction universe, Gwen is one of the main characters, a summoner who takes control of the temple of spirits. There the player will be able to summon sexy creatures and recover resources by having sex with them. In order to obtain party characters and resources to upgrade the temple, players will need to adventure and fight against enemies.‚Äč For the moment the game is in early stage and will take time till is fully developed, I will continue showing our progress and we se to grow this project together!

Implemented so far:
3D Game, Anal Sex, Vaginal Sex, Fantasy

Developer Notes:
More sceneries, characters and sex poses incoming. Please take into account that the game is WIP and we will upgrade its different areas when we are able to do it. I hope you enjoy it. We will try to post the next public demo here. :)
Incoming tags too Multiple Protagonist, Monster Girl, Monster Fantasy, Rpg, Turn based combat, Management, Dating Sim, Sci-Fi


Download current public build

Re: [Unreal Engine][Patreon] FeyFantasy

PostPosted: Fri, 20Sep18 09:02
Gameplay features are being developed for the new stable build.
- Companion System: Companions who are members of the party will appear following us and we will able to have sex with them.
- Turn-Based Combat system: We will use placeholders for enemies for the moment.
- Sex with NPC and non-aggressive enemies: Maintaining sex with some NPC can grant us certain benefits and with some enemies too. This resource will be used in certain parts of the game, not everywhere.

Re: [Unreal Engine][Patreon] FeyFantasy

PostPosted: Tue, 20Oct06 10:57
We are fixing some features of the core features, soon we will post a new demo. :)

Re: [Unreal Engine][Patreon] FeyFantasy

PostPosted: Sun, 20Oct18 10:00
Gameplay elements have been implemented, we are developing a new build and will be for free. Thanks for your support!

Re: [Unreal Engine][Patreon] FeyFantasy

PostPosted: Sun, 20Nov15 13:51
by Craban
Thankfully I see more and more games based on render/game engines like UE and Unity. Technically the engines support a variety of platforms but are not necessarily published that way.
Could we please make it a habit to mention the system requirements? Most of my time I'm using Ubuntu and I'm pretty sure we have some OSX users among us.