Fashion Business by Decent Monkey

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Fashion Business by Decent Monkey

Postby PinkVendeta » Tue, 19Jul30 16:29

I searched but did not see a thread for this fantastic game.

The game is called: Fashion Business and it was made by Decent Monkey.

You play as Monica, a rich bitch who throughout the game can be a real bitch, a semi bitch or decent, whichever route You take effects the entire game as a whole.

There are a few different routes through the game and it has some stats that need building, but the story is fantastic, lots of twists and turns, a fall from grace so to speak.

The Artwork on the Girls & Guys is beautiful, general scene artwork is beautiful also.

Animation is smooth.

The game has Episode one fully completed and is into Episode 2 version 6 now.

This is a great game and well worth downloading and playing.
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