City Of Broken Dreamers [PhillyGames]

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City Of Broken Dreamers [PhillyGames]

Postby PhillyGames » Mon, 19Mar04 05:49

Recently I finished my last game called Depraved Awakening which was 15 months of work, and thankfully, is well regarded. After, I spent 2 months and released a new one which I have tried to take everything I learned from Depraved Awakening and push the production values as high as possible for a one man team.

The initial release has almost 600 renders and over 30 animations. If you want to play something that focuses on plot, story, and characters, (oh and a good deal of sex) you may want to give it a try. It's a cyber-punk/prep noir visual novel.

Here is a link to a trailer for the game:

If you want to help support me in creating it, my patreon can be found at:

When I have a public release I will post that as well.


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