The DeLuca Family

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The DeLuca Family

Postby JFR » Fri, 18Oct26 20:41

I can't find where a recommendation for this game has been posted. If I missed it, Mods please remove this.

The DeLuca Family by Hopes Gaming is an adult-oriented VN/game that is centered around a new recruit to an organized crime family in "the old country." Unlike first impressions from the title, this is a richly rendered, well-written story with humor, quirkiness, only a little crime or violence so far and an aggressive update plan. I went in quite skeptical but have come to conclude that this would be an enjoyable story even without the "sexy bits."

Since I am not the creator of the game, I don't think I am allowed to post a direct link. The game can be found by searching for Patreon HopesGaming. He is also on Twitter under the same name and I think FaceBook is coming.

If you think you might value a well-written, entertaining story with beautiful rendered artwork and are willing to wait for the sexual content to be introduced gradually, I heartily recommend The DeLuca Family. Full disclosure, after trying it I am now a higher level patron.
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Re: The DeLuca Family

Postby xsandman78 » Sun, 18Oct28 22:29

I spotted the game last week & have heartily enjoyed what i've seen so far.
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