Farmer's Dreams by MuseX

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Re: Farmer's Dreams by MuseX

Postby CobraPL » Fri, 18Mar02 18:33

CobraPL: MuseX said that next free version should be soon, maybe this month. Image seen here is downscaled.
Changelog (4.9) + Journal
Mar 1 at 9:23am
I almost missed the deadline for this one, but the new version is finally released! Because it was so close though, If you were a $10+ patron in February and didn't get the link in time, send me a message and I'll send you a copy =)
The changelog this time looks a bit small, but I believe this month had actually one of the biggest releases yet, specially in terms of new CGs. This is mostly because I released 3 updates this month (R4.1, R4.2 and now R4.9) instead of just one! I'll probably start working like this from now on - releasing smaller updates during the whole month instead of only one big update, what do you guys think?

Release 4.9 Changelog:
- 39 new CGs
- 3 new events
- 1 new quest
- 2 new itens

The biggest news this month is that I finally hired a programmer to help me! This month we worked on remaking the coding for the HUD and redesigning and improving the Relationships Menu, here's an example of his awesome work in action:

My main goal here is to make things easier and faster for me to update/control so I can improve the workflow. The way it was before, it would take me weeks to make and add new items to the Likes/Loves lists for example. Another cool thing is that now the menu texts are being done by, well, text instead of pictures like it was before, so way faster to create and edit/fix them too!

There were some things I wanted to finish this month that I couldn't, I apologize for that! February wasn't really my month after getting sick for almost two weeks and trying to compensate it by working 14+ hours per day the last one. I look like a caveman. The work can't stop though! Or at least it won't. Today I'll finally sleep for 8 hours straight, no one can take this from me now, haha! I'll be updating the Walkthrough really soon so you can easily find all the new stuff from R4.9, OK?

I hope you enjoy the game! Thank you very much for all the support you gave me so far, you guys are awesome!
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