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Postby iksanabot » Fri, 17Oct13 16:33

Hi everyone,
I.L., the guy who runs the sexandglory website, affiliated with Leonizer (LOP) has released a game on Steam. I bought it last night and have played it 4.6 hours, to get all four endings and 7/8 achievements. It cost me just over 7 USD, and I'd say it was very well worth it. The explicit sex scenes have to be downloaded separately from the sexandglory site, but that is really easy, and free. I was downloaded and set up within 15 minutes.

Anyway, the game is really fun. It's not as focused on sex as LOP games are, but there are at least 3 sex scenes and they are very explicit. There are also lots of scenes at a strip bar with naked girls around. It's pretty titillating. More importantly: it's fun. It seems inspired by the comic/movie Sin City. The art is great, and I really liked how each image transitioned to the next in a very comic-y style. You battle your enemies by playing a Match 3 type game that is really quite fun. I found myself looking as forward to the fights as I was to a sex scene. The story is decent, though there are some language issues. Overall, for a game of this scale and for such a low price, I think it's fantastic. I highly recommend it to the community here. Even if you don't think you want to play a low budget game unless it's focused on sex, I'd say get it just to support I.L. and his team. I'm hoping this game will be a success so that they can keep going, and maybe even try something more ambitious.

I'm not sure if I.L. ever comes to this forum, so I will post this at the LOP blog as well. I want to offer a couple of ideas I think would make a game like this better. I'm not saying I think these ideas should be implemented in this game - obviously the game is done, I'm just saying I'd like to see it in future games like this.

First, because you include explicit sex scenes in a patch, you might as well go all in on it. I'd like to see some money shots in the sex scenes (I know, I always say that, but actually, I think it's been a long time since I wrote a post advocating more cumshots in sexy video games). And I think you should add some gratuitous sex scenes as well. For example, give the player the option to get a lap dance from a nameless stripper and pay for a HJ or BJ or something like that. Also, there is only one sex scene with each girl, I think. I would like to see a smaller sex scene with each girl toward the middle of the game. You have Bliss teasing him a tiny bit in the strip joint, I think you could have had more happen there, just to "wet the appetite" of the player. You could also give the player some choices during the sex scenes - one position or another; cum inside her or cum on her tits... I know that's standard LOP stuff, but it makes sex scenes feel a little more interactive, and the style of this game is so distinct from Leo's games that I don't think anyone will criticize you for being unoriginal.

Also, I really like the match 3 battle system. It occurred to me that you could implement the same mechanic for seducing a female character. Instead of matching fists and tazers and guns, etc., You could match whispers, caresses, gropes and kisses, etc... It would be fun to have to seduce a female character for information, and to get a sex scene out of it too.

Anyway, congratulations to I.L. and his team! I think you've made a great game and I hope you make lots of money and come back with more games like this.
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