The Academy Part 3 from VDategames...what do people think?

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Re: The Academy Part 3 from VDategames...what do people thin

Postby Tao Dude » Thu, 18Mar01 00:42

Ow-Ow wrote:The build up to the finale with Bridgette has been good. I like that the possibility for another ending with the girls in the club may be achievable if you're not that into Bridgette. I however am into her. I think the best ending would be a big sloppy titty fuck with Bridgette begging for your cum and then you just cover her.

I am hoping that one of the options will involve Didi.
Bridgette has said no to a threesome with the girl from the bar, but i think she would be OK if Didi was in on a threesome.
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Re: The Academy Part 3 from VDategames...what do people thin

Postby Ow-Ow » Thu, 18Mar01 05:30

I also hope that in the Academy Part 4 if we went down the right path we can have some fun with Principal Valentine. She tried to get us fired, and I think that deserves some payback! I hope we get to be really rough with her! Cock slap her, gag her, make her ass gape, put her through the paces! I hope we get another crack at Annie too! Fuck her in the office, maybe get her into a DP! Really rough though, she does want to be a porn star after all, she will need to learn to be a fucktoy begging to get degraded! Like make her lick cum up from the floor. All kinds of filthy shit to make her know her place. A mother daughter threesome would be fucked up, but hot as shit, especially with all the fucked up shit those two will do for you. I would love to see what Ms. Goodhead has in store for us, though I don't think it will be quite as rough as Annie or her mother. I want a chance to fuck Lola in the ass on this last day too. Lola is pretty adventurous, I wonder if she will get in on the action with Annie, maybe not, but a hate fuck would be hot. Maybe she could talk Amy into a threesome, but on the condition that we're not too demanding of Amy as she is new to everything. We could ignore Lola and go to town on Amy though. That would be totally uncalled for though. With Principal Valentine she has been out to get us from the beginning and with Annie, she asked about being a pornstar, and if you got the scene with Annie at her house you already got a chance to do everything to her. Now I just want to get her all slippery in the gym shower and fuck her in the ass with my foot on her head as she begs for it harder. That's pretty rough though, and I wouldn't want to do that with Amy. A threesome with the pair of twins is obviously a must do. Just two identical faces staring up begging for the cum to share in a cumswap. I wonder how Megan will play into the last day as well, will she help us set up rendezvous with the girls, getting her rocks off seeing us in compromisng positions, I think it would only make sense if we got a chance to be with all the girls, barring the lesbians.
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