[Puzzle Game] Horny Suika: Wet Watermelon

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[Puzzle Game] Horny Suika: Wet Watermelon

Postby raiden1358 » Tue, 24Mar26 19:07


Horny Suika: Wet Watermelon

Wishlist now on Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/2739980?utm_source=loverslab
Also check out our free demo on the Steam page[B]!

Brief Description:

Horny Suika - Wet Watermelon is an adorable and fun game about dropping "fruits" into a container, with a little twist. New features and different game modes. Combine small "fruits" to make them larger, creating big "watermelons" without overflowing the container, and enjoy your worthy "rewards".

Puzzle game

Controls and mechanics:

- Mouse, drag and drop physics
- Combine the different breasts with the same kind to make them grow
- Score as many points as you can by getting the biggest breasts possible!
- Content is always explicit in the full game and in the demo
- Other games modes in the works!


Release date:
June 2024



Where to download:
Free demo available on our Steam page! Be sure to wishlist the game too so you won't miss the release
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2739980?utm_source=loverslab

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