[RPG Maker VX Ace][Patreon] Caliross 0.999 Jul/25/2022

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Re: [RPG Maker VX Ace][Patreon] Caliross 0.999 Jul/25/2022

Postby mdqp » Mon, 22Jul25 16:27

Version 0.999 is here! In case you were getting too excited about a 1.0, I actually did add one more number for the next update, as predicted (by myself) during last month's update. It's almost as if I am in the dev's head* or something.

Join the smut army* by playing my game, Available here or at itch.io. Check the changelog here to see how much things can change yet still stay the same.

*Scientists are still debating if mdqp's head actually contains anything, but research so far has been inconclusive.
**We are pacifists at heart, although waifu-shaming is punishable by death.
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