Special Delivery 0.7 (Win/Mac/Linux/Android) [FREE]

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Special Delivery 0.7 (Win/Mac/Linux/Android) [FREE]

Postby Duck-and-Wolf » Thu, 20Jun18 20:41

Special Delivery is an adults only comedy adventure for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android funded entirely by Patreon supporters!


Home from college and house-sitting for his jet-setting parents, Randy Richards lines up the perfect summer job: delivering pizzas to lonely housewives, bored socialites, and lusty co-eds! As Papa Cumzio’s® busiest delivery boy, Randy’s route takes him to the finest homes and some of the most gorgeous women ever to grace the Florida panhandle. And it’s not long before ‘take out’ turns to ‘make out’: Randy soon realizes that when his customers order the “extra-large sausage”, they want him to deliver more than just a pizza!

And Remember: At Papa Cumzio’s®, The Customer Always Cums First!


An Ongoing Development:

You can download the latest version (currently 0.07.00) from our GameJolt page (https://gamejolt.com/games/specialdelivery/507305) completely for free, but by supporting the game on Patreon you’ll gain access to exclusive rewards such as weighted voting on upcoming scenes and fetishes, in-depth insight into our development process, Discord rewards, spoilers, and more!


Planned Features:

Special Delivery will feature something for everyone:

  • A large, diverse cast of available sexual partners catering to many unique fetishes!
  • Gorgeous high-res graphics!
  • Dozens of unique locations to explore!
  • An engaging, hilarious visual novel story!
  • Adventure game puzzles!
  • Dating sim relationship progression and RPG-style character stats!
  • Arcade-style and retro mini-games!
  • Multiple outcomes and endings based on your decisions and choices!
  • ...and, of course, tons and tons of hot sex!


Planned Fetishes:

  • Anal
  • Ass Worship
  • Breastfeeding
  • Cock Worship
  • Exhibitionism
  • Extreme Wetness
  • Feet
  • GILF
  • Glasses
  • Gloryhole
  • Group
  • Harem
  • Huge Tits
  • Impregnation
  • Lactation
  • Latex
  • Librarian
  • Ménage à Trois / Threesome, FFF
  • Ménage à Trois / Threesome, FF/M
  • Ménage à Trois / Threesome, MM/F
  • Mild BDSM
  • MILF
  • Milking
  • Muscle Girl
  • Nurse
  • Oral
  • Orgasm Denial
  • Orgy
  • Public Sex
  • Sexting / Nudes
  • Shy / Coquettish
  • Spanking
  • Squirting
  • Tit Worship
  • Toys
  • Trap
  • Vanilla F/F
  • Vanilla M/F
  • Vanilla M/M
  • Vegan Lifestyle
  • Voyeurism
  • ...and more by popular demand!
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Re: Special Delivery [Ren'Py] [Patreon]

Postby Duck-and-Wolf » Fri, 20Jun26 21:48

Just released our first update! Here's what's new this week:

CHANGELOG V0.01.03 (Released 2020/06/17 @ 17:00 CDT):

• New story events: “end of year party” scene, “home for the summer” scene, “Nadia’s first texts” scene, “meet the boss” scene.

• New characters: Randy, Nadia, mom, dad, Papa Cumzio, and Jessica.

• New locations: Richards’ house (living room, entrance, upstairs hallway, and Randy’s bedroom), Papa Cumzio’s, and Blueballs Cove overworld map.


• Added world map.

• Added age gate.

• Added splash sequence.

• Added customizable name choice.

• Added inventory system.

• Added currency system.

• Added HUD ribbon.

• Added pause and main menus.

• Added quick menu.

• Added game save and load functions.

• Added location management system.

• Added choice system.

• Added interaction system.

• Added major and minor cutscene management systems.

• Added game schedule system.

• Added statistics system.

• Added plot token system.

CHANGELOG V0.02.00 (Released 2020/06/25 @ 22:46 CDT):

• New story event: “parents’ departure” scene.

• New character: your best friend Alex.

• New location: Randy’s front yard.

• Completed script for existing V0.01 scenes.

• Completed tutorial barks for existing V0.01 scenes.

• Completed set dressing, blocking, staging and posing for existing V0.01 scene images.

• All draft renders in place for existing V0.01 scenes.


• Added difficulty system: can now choose between a cheats-enabled ‘hacker’ mode, or casual or hardcore difficulties, which affects hints, help from the UI, the ability to rewind the game, and notifications and feedback from the game regarding your progress and decisions.

• Added quick save and quick load system: triggered with the Q and L keyboard keys, respectively.

• Added overnight functionality to the game calendar system: you must now sleep in your bed (other beds to come soon!) to end the day and begin the next one.

• Added fifth day state: in addition to ‘morning’, ‘afternoon’, ‘evening’, and ‘night’, there is now ‘bedtime’, an end-of-day state, where the only interaction possible is going to sleep.

• Added gameplay unlocks system: illuminated gumps now notify the player of newly available locations and abilities.

• Added relationship management system: currently dad, mom and Nadia relationships are being tracked properly, obviously many more to come.

• Added dynamic backdrop selection to the cutscene and HUD gump systems: talking head sequences and HUD gumps now intelligently select their background images based on current location and time of day.

• Added context-aware backdrops to the location and map systems: locations now dynamically select their background images based on current time of day (existing location images are merely placeholders, not at all indicative of planned final quality).

• Added dynamic backdrop blurring system: game engine now blurs backdrops on demand, requiring 50% less location background images and cutting file management busywork dramatically.
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Re: Special Delivery [Ren'Py] [Patreon] [Free Demo]

Postby Duck-and-Wolf » Sat, 20Jul04 18:29

Okie doke, the next version is online at https://gamejolt.com/games/specialdelivery/507305! We'd love any and all feedback on the direction the game is headed.

A much shorter changelog this week, because all the effort was directed at the next two major plot scenes, due to how much systems work we were able to get done last week:

CHANGELOG V0.03.00 (Released 2020/07/03 @ 21:09 CDT):

• New story event: “mom says goodnight” scene.

• Completed script for existing V0.02 scenes.

• Completed set dressing, blocking, staging and posing for new V0.02 scene images.

• All draft renders in place for existing V0.02 scenes.

• All draft renders in place for new V0.03 scene.


• Polished difficulty system: ‘hacker mode’ gameplay hints now work as intended, finalized difficulty selection UI.
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Re: Special Delivery [Ren'Py] [Patreon] [100% Free Download]

Postby Duck-and-Wolf » Fri, 20Jul10 22:40

It's been another week, so it's obviously time for another update :P


CHANGELOG V0.04.00 (Released 2020/07/10 @ 16:20 CDT):

• Gameplay tutorials: tutorial gumps are now integrated into the introduction scenes.

• Location exit buttons: temporary text buttons replaced with exit HUD icons.


• Added karma system: all player’s decisions are now tracked as a whole to influence overall plot progression, as well as individually by each character to influence their reactions.

• Added this changelog: hey there, what’s up! :D
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Re: Special Delivery 0.7 (Win/Mac/Linux/Android) [FREE DOWNL

Postby Duck-and-Wolf » Sat, 20Aug01 02:02

Figured we'd try stocking up a few updates for a few weeks in a row to hopefully not be too annoying with too many posts here. So this is a little bit of a catch-up!

Version 0.07 just went online, and we'd love to know what you think! The biggest recent change is we now have full Android support! If there are any Android users, we would love to hear from you how the game plays on your device!

CHANGELOG V0.05.01 (Released 2020/07/17 @ 16:22 CDT):

• Began replacing “end of year party” scene images with final quality renders.


• Added full Android support: with redesigned UI for a touch-friendly gameplay experience. Special Delivery has been tested on a Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70F tablet and a ZTE N9136 Prestige 2 smartphone. Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher required.


• Added this ‘bug fixes / small changes’ category to the changelog.

• Location exit buttons are significantly larger.

• Can now rewind via GUI during tutorial and HUD unlock gumps, and in first-person sections.

• Colourized positive and negative relationship change choice backgrounds on L33t difficulty.

• Added relationship change indicators in choices on L33t difficulty.

• Added tutorial screens to Duck & Wolf intro.

• Added bullets to the changelog.

• Put notify screen higher in the z-order than all other screens.

• Fixed Windows icon display errors.

• Fixed Mac icon display errors.

• Redesigned main menu.

• Fixed staging error in ‘min_cs_cant_wait_meet_the_guys’.

CHANGELOG V0.06.00 (Released 2020/07/24 @ 16:20 CDT):

• Replaced all “end of year party” scene images with final quality renders.

• Can now reject Nadia outright during party.


• Added HUD verb icons: Replaced all temporary text buttons with HUD verb icons.

• Added command line to location screens: icons now have a text description of their behaviours at the bottom of the screen when in locations.

• Added game state tracking to save name system: Save game slot captions now include game state information.


• Delineated player statistics.

• Inventory items now have their own sound effects.

• Can now rewind back through overnight sequence via the HUD.

• Fixed issue where it was possible to start the game with a blank name.

• Changed dad’s TV to stereo.

CHANGELOG V0.07.00 (Released 2020/07/31 @ 16:20 CDT):

• New location: The Stick & Balls Billiards Bar & Grill.


• Added rating selection: Players can now choose between an M-rated or X-rated gameplay experience.


• Added insensitive state to rewind button on location-based HUD ribbon.

• Can now return to the main menu from the initial name selection screen.

• Fixed bug where music continued to play when you travelled from the map directly to your bedroom at bedtime.
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Re: Special Delivery 0.7 (Win/Mac/Linux/Android) [FREE]

Postby ttant » Sat, 20Aug01 10:21

Game has huge potential, when final renders will be set.

Fyi, the battle doesn't work in v0.07. Once you click on the ball in "select the target" screen, you go back to "go to battle" screen. I'm not sure that's intended.
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Re: Special Delivery 0.7 (Win/Mac/Linux/Android) [FREE]

Postby Duck-and-Wolf » Sat, 20Aug01 18:26

ttant wrote:Game has huge potential

Glad you think so! We've got a ton of stuff planned.

ttant wrote:the battle doesn't work in v0.07

For sure, that's the part I'm currently working on now. I've just been releasing whatever the state of my "work-in-progress" is every Friday afternoon. Ideally that should all be working as expected this coming Friday! :)
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