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Daz Interface Tip

Postby MaxCarna » Sun, 18Jul22 23:24

Hey friends,

This section has been kind of stopped, but I guess some users still read it.

I would like to share something, that stunned me yesterday, after almost 2 years using Daz.

I was always bothered from the way the camera slowly turn when I was making a scene. Also body parts movement, everything too slow, I was thinking that the cause was the numbers of objects in the scene.

I watched some video lessons, and was impressed how the author move the camera around so easily. I was thinking the he probably had a really powerful server, because my computer is not that bad.

Then yesterday, unintentionally, I stumbled on the "interface" preferences. The property "Display Optimization" was set to "none", I tried to change to "better" just to see what would happen. Damn it! It was like magic, the camera became really fast. I didn't even needed to use the "best" option.

At the same time I felt very happy to imagining how my work would improve from now on, and very angry thinking about all the time that I lost in the past months.

I hope this tip could help some of you guys too.
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Re: Daz Interface Tip

Postby Sarchx » Mon, 18Jul23 08:09

Nice find !

That makes a ton of difference.
I've been wondering the same as you, and has been looking for bottlenecks in my system.

Thanks Max! [img]images/icones/icon7.gif[/img]
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