Does anyone render in passes?

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Does anyone render in passes?

Postby Mortze » Mon, 17Nov06 14:17

Repeating myself, does anyone render in passes?
Do you do it in IRay (in case you do it with DAZ Studio)?

For those in the dark, rendering in passes is a technique where you render several different parts of your scene separately, and mount it all in a compositing software (like GIMP or Photoshop).
You render the background, the foreground, the mid-ground, the characters, the props, all in different passes.
It allows for more control of lighting and it reduces rendering time considerably. But it requires some skills and I haven't tried that yet.
I would love to hear from someone who does it though.


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Re: Does anyone render in passes?

Postby Ehlanna » Mon, 17Nov13 00:44

Not something I have ever done, and I do not see myself doing it in the future so can't really help, sorry!
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