DAZ 4.10 - Anyone?

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DAZ 4.10 - Anyone?

Postby Mortze » Mon, 17Nov06 14:12

Hey pals,

Has anyone already tried the new DAZ 4.10?
One of the main features they advertise is the dForce feature, that implements realism in the way clothes adjust to the body and the poses. Of course, only new released products with dForce capabilities work with it. Forget about your old dress in your content library closet.

I haven't tried it yet. I'm very hesitant about new versions of DAZ and their compatibility with the different NVIDIA cards people have. And since I'm in the middle of a game I don't want to take that risk.
But I would love to hear from anyone who has tried it.


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Re: DAZ 4.10 - Anyone?

Postby MaxCarna » Mon, 17Nov06 17:27

Hi Mortze,

I am using 4.10, everything normal, all products ok.

I haven't tried dForce yet. Daz Originals only came out for Genesis 8, Genesis 3 models are always from third party which I don't have discount.

On Daz Forum some people are complaining about crashes. I believe they need to stabilize the product in the next fixes
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Re: DAZ 4.10 - Anyone?

Postby Eldormain » Wed, 17Nov08 01:32


The last two weeks I have been moving and settling in. Now that I am nearing the end of that my mind is pushing me back to DAZ and dForce is something that has been on my mind as well. At this point I have put off getting into trying them. I have seen the same things as MaxCarna at the forums. The dForce clothing looks like it would be great for animations and appears to potentially make things easier for depicting realism in still images. However, I think I have to agree and suggest waiting for some updates. Especially being in the midst of creating a game. I totally agree with your hesitation there.


P: I'll make sure to post again should I find out anything new or pertinent.


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Re: DAZ 4.10 - Anyone?

Postby Ehlanna » Mon, 17Nov13 00:42

The new dForce plug-in will work on any item. However, it currently is best used just on clothes. And it is best used on clothes that obey certain rules concerning their geometry/construction. If all the seams are 'welded' you should be ok. Of course, if the product is flagged as being for dForce all should be good! Buckles buttons can be an issues, but you can select, via surface selection, to remove something from the dForce simulation (by default everything is included).
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