Name (one of) your favorite character(s)/creators

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Name (one of) your favorite character(s)/creators

Postby Mik » Sat, 16Dec24 01:39

After the big success and response to Mortze's "Show your workspace" thread I'd like to start a favorite character(s)/creator thread...
The idea is to present a character creator and give a short explanation why do you like their characters, main focus on the head morphs/skins and not on certain physical charateristics of the body.
A render of an/the original character (just as it is without posing) would be perfect...
Myself I'm a little bit in love with Mihrelle's Willow atm, altough she's a classic beauty, she has also a certain coolth and melancholic aspect imo...and the skin and shaders are great.


(Render quality 1, her left eye seems to be a little bit grainy)
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