Share your DAZ Studio (or Poser) UI workstation!

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Share your DAZ Studio (or Poser) UI workstation!

Postby Mortze » Fri, 16Dec02 15:34

Hello fellow creators (and those curious about 3D creation),

I am wondering how you, 3D creators, work, and one of the hints is your work environment. DAZ Studio (Poser too I suppose) offer many options to customize your working environment. Here is mine:


I choose a minimalism workflow, That's the City Limits layout, and I closed several panes and options that I don't use. I use the Input/Output, Create and Viewport Tools shortcuts only. Most of the time I work with only one pane open, either the right one when posing and morphing, or the left one when searching for content, modifying textures, or setting the rendering parameters.
I use Daz Studio 4.8 Pro. Tried to upgrade to Daz Studio 4.9 Beta but I had some issues with the graphic drivers and I preferred keeping using 4.8.
You'll notice that my background colour is black. I am aware that this isn't the most optimal colour to use as a background. You might want to use a neutral coulour that provides good contrast with everything in you scene. See how Chloe's black top might be confounded with the background. A light grey is a good choice. Nonetheless, I love the colour black in everything so in my case it is not a pragmatic choice.

I use a 27 inches 1920x1080 Asus monitor, wired keyboard and mouse.

Why don't you guys share your working methods, starting with how your workstation looks like.
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Re: Share your DAZ Studio (or Poser) UI workstation!

Postby Mik » Fri, 16Dec02 20:59 of the darkest secrets of every cgi maker...

I've started with cgi rendering in Daz not that long ago, so my first intention was to see if I'm able to create pictures in a certain quality,
but I'm also a little bit lazy with adapting my workspace. [img]images/icones/icon10.gif[/img]
At my daz workplace I've only closed the animation timeline, for me the remaining view is big enough (Benq 27'' also 1920 x 1080),
but depending on the complexity of the scene I throw a lot of cameras in to do proper positioning, and I often lock the camera for
my final shot.
Being on my "to do" list is to rename some of my poser asset structures to get a better system here, sometimes I feel like searching for
hours, cause everybody (especially free stuff creators) use their own system, but getting the stuff free, I don't complain about that. [img]images/icones/icon13.gif[/img]
And when it comes to continuing scenarios, I've started to do renaming and grouping of figures/objects.
I'm using Daz3D 4.9 pro (my first and only version) and found out, that you can make your Aux Viewport showing a rendered Iray preview in it, so when it comes to lighting I have always a Iray viewport in a undocked pane open, before that I always made test renders and that took me a lot of time, cause my actual render setup isn't that far away from being an abacus.
Started with 3delight renders and always struggled with Iray lighting, this viewport is also perfect for hdri lighting, dome rotation, sun/sky setting and even tone mapping.

Imagebild hochladen

P.S. And atm I render my pictures in whole and I put the background in at an early stage (just make it non selectable), but trying separate rendering is also on my to do list...
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