A few new threads with a special topic

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A few new threads with a special topic

Postby Mik » Wed, 16Oct26 15:21

I'm planning to create a game myself and I've spent a lot of time searching for relevant information.
Not only for technical information like which programs to use, but also about legal stuff (I live in
an country where you pay a lot of money for copyright violations and I'm no native speaker, so
I don't know if I get all legal terms right).

I'm aware that there is already some stuff in this sub-forum but it is diversivied in many topics.

So I'm thinking about creating a few threads about special topics.

Atm I have three topics in mind.

First topic would be "Introducing your game engine", with name, link, price/price commercial use,
and platform/ or exports to different platforms.

A +/- list, like '+ good and easy IDE' or - 'abandoned by the developer since 2000'

After that, maybe some longer text about the engine, if you like, if you would choose
it again when you would start right now, and a sticky post with all introduced engines.

Second topic would be an "Ongoing on sale" thread.

When you see really good discounts (40-50%) at certain items
or see discount at special items like morphs++ or Victoria or Michael chars.

First sentence should be if the discount depends on special memberships, or an amount
to spent to get that discount.

Second should be the type of items, the discount range and the period.

And the link of course...

The third one I'm not really sure about, legal stuff, usage rights, licenses and s.o.

Maybe a sticky posts with things that are (generally) allowed with 3d models, like
rendering 2d pics even for commercial purposes.

But also to discuss things like, is it commercial use if you collect funds at the evil
p - site, even if you release your game at least for free.
Or what about exchanging textures, inserting schlongs and schmaginas in character models,
or what about free stuff that became non free stuff...
Maybe some weird stuff that you've experienced with that.

I'm aware that this is a very wide subject and every advice could only be an advice, but
maybe it helps someone to judge the thing he is going to do.

Do you think that all would be useful or do you think "go away, new kid, everthing was
fine here before you came, nobody needs your crazy new topics...." ? [img]images/icones/icon13.gif[/img]
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