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Re: DAZ3D - Beginner Questions

PostPosted: Tue, 17Apr18 17:34
by Mortze
I don't use DAZ native paths.
My Library content is in a custom path.
I save to folders I create.

I never got well with Presets, and never save as a Preset. Always as a Scene. Even if it is only one character or even one prop. Whenever I need that character or prop I go search them where I know they'll always be the way I saved them and merge them in to the scene.

Re: DAZ3D - Beginner Questions

PostPosted: Wed, 17Apr19 00:00
by Eldormain
That sounds like a really good idea. I think I will do that. It's too bad that I wasn't lazy about cleaning up the original save folder. But no, I had to be diligent.

Haha, I think I am getting to a point I can laugh about it. The recreation of things lost is moving along a bit more quickly then the original. The actual figure body frames and details are in tack. That would be totally nightmarish if it recent them to the model they were crafted from.

Re: DAZ3D - Beginner Questions

PostPosted: Wed, 17Apr19 02:55
by MaxCarna

I'm still amateur on Daz but followed Mortze in this suggestion from other topic, and is working just fine. Presets has specific effects, I save everything as Scenes and use "Merge..." to combine. The only exception is when I want to reuse poses in other scenes.

My structure file is something like:

---Project 2
...Project 3

For example, if I am making images on a room and decide to add a chair in scene 5. I need to add the same chair in the position for scenes 1, 2, 3 and 4. So I delete everything but the chair, Save as scene on the "DazSource/Parts" folder.
Then is just open Scene01.duf merge "Chair_Room_RightCorner.duf", save. Open Scene02.duf, merge, save. An so on.

Re: DAZ3D - Beginner Questions

PostPosted: Thu, 17Apr20 23:38
by Eldormain
Good Stuff. Thank you.

Is it wiser for games like these to use generic names for things. For instance, Char01.duf vs AbrahamLincoln.duf?


Re: DAZ3D - Beginner Questions

PostPosted: Fri, 17Apr21 04:19
by MaxCarna
Actually, in Afternoon to Remember I took the name of the Twine boxes to name the scenes like: GoHome01.duf, GoBackToThePartySeeIfYellowBikiniGirlIsStillThere.duf, and so on, to correlate with the source of the whole story.

But my head works like spreadsheets and tables, numbers are more comfortable to me.

In other work that I'm making from zero, I first made an Excel file, with a tab "Characters". So I have:
Key: 05, Name:"Ayumi", Role "Cousin", Stats ...

And the files are just Char05_base.duf, Char05_naked.duf, Char05_work.duf...

With time, I memorize all the numbers and it's easier to me to compose, to combine, to reference in scenes, qualify clothes, poses. Like "Char01_Char05_talk.duf", "Char01_Char15_fight_level1.duf"...

You will find the best way for you