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Postby Mortze » Mon, 17Nov06 14:29

There are improvements, for sure.
But I feel that picture is incomplete, and when you ask us what do we think about the composition and lighting I feel I have incomplete material to form an opinion.
1/ The model isn't looking at the camera. That is OK when it's meant to be part of the story. Maybe the girl is smiling at someone, or at something. But without context it's hard to comment about it. I feel like if you just changed her eyes to look into the camera the same picture would feel a lot better.
2/ Same about the lighting. I guess there is a key light at the front left, and another one directed at her face. I see a strong shadow at the back of her legs. Perhaps a fill light pointing to her back from the right would be good to avoid such a strong shadow. See, the overall picture is full of light but there is that strong shadow there that feels kind of odd, unwelcome.
That is clearly a high-key lighting https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-key_lighting and usually you can't have strong contrasting shadows with that technique.

She's a pretty girl though . I would have to see more skin to form a more erudite opinion. :p
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